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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 537635, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Let's presume, one uses a 2x1 scaled setting (best for retina).

    I don't quite understand, what happens, when you move a window from a retina screen to a non-retina one. On one side you have high res graphics, on the other low res. Is there any flickering as you move the window as at some moment it has some elements carrying high res images and others low res. How about window size? If you have a window on Retina display that is let's say 500 pixels high (1000 on retina display). What happens when you move it? On the other side is it 500 or 1000 pixels high?

    It might sound silly, but I plan to use the rMBP with a standard 24'' 1920x1200 screen and would like to know how a multimonitor setup copes with retina-nonRetina configuration.

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    Check out The Verge's video review:


    Starting at about 3:20 they show the retina Macbook Pro hooked up to a 1920x1200 external monitor. It seems like it seamlessly transitions from 2x mode on the internal display to 1x mode on the internal monitor.

    I don't know for sure how that works. It could possibly still be running apps at 2x mode on the external display but just downscaling them to bring it back to 1x. I would think that switching the app itself from 1x to 2x scaling on the fly (especially during the transition where it's half on one display and half on the other) wouldn't work very well.

    It may actually render the entire external monitor area at double resolution. So if you had a 1920x1200 external display and were using it in extended desktop mode with the internal display, it may actually render the external display at 3840x2400 with all apps at 2x, and then downscale to 1920x1200 to display it.
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    Is it just me, or does the window skip quite a lot in the process? I mean it is not a smooth transition.

    It's true it's a high-res YouTube Safari window (Flash? :p), but still...
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    Hadn't noticed that before. It almost looks like the window has to redraw once it's on the external display.

    Maybe as you drag the window over it stays in 2x mode, just scaled down by the OS to be the right size, and when the entire window is on the external display it converts over to 1x mode for better quality.
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    Can anyone with a rMBP and an external screen confirm this? Or even better - post a video of this?
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    Since now there are more users with the retina Pro-s:

    Bump. Can you please post a video of a window transition from a retina screen to a non retina external screen.
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    Thank you very much!

    That is actually quite a lot different than in the video posted above.
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