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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ericcwhitaker, Jul 18, 2012.

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    I just thought I would share my personal experience, as maybe a caution or bit of information that might help those of you wondering about this issue.

    I purchased my rMBP day of release, and received it just over 3 weeks ago. While at first I didn't notice any image retention, after upgrading to the ML GM I did see it on a gray background (sufficient to read text that had been on the screen for less than 20 minutes). After consulting AppleCare via phone, I took the computer to the local Genius Bar who, after duplicating the problem on the ML GM, reinstalled Lion and again confirmed the problem was evident and not normal. The store's choice was to order a replacement machine, and I left satisfied that this would resolve the issue.

    Here's where things get a bit tricky.

    After playing phone tag to get details of the order right (I have a custom built model with upgraded CPU and RAM) I was informed that despite the store wants to resolve the issue with a replacement, Apple is basically stonewalling them. Tier 2 tech support says that they will not replace the machine (telling the store this, not me personally) as this is a known issue that is under investigation. The tech even got the company to basically acknowledge that there will be some kind of fix or acknowledgement (something he says never happens) and therefore Apple has decided to leave those of us that are under these circumstances hanging.

    Fortunately my store (which I love) has offered a very generous compromise, extending a courtesy extension to my return period allowing me to make a decision based on waiting a bit of time to see what Apple's next move is. All in all generous I think.

    My question though is what would you do in this situation? I understand it may be picky to some, but the image retention in my field could lead to problems with client privacy if text were to remain on a screen for too long, not to mention that I've not had an image retention problem like this, not even with my 10 year old plasma panel.

    Hopefully this helps some of you with the same issue. Love this machine, baffled by the problem that has occurred with it.
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    Return it and wait for a RMBP that isn't in pre-alpha stage of development.
  3. avalys macrumors 6502

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    If the image retention problem is serious enough to pose a genuine threat to client privacy, return the laptop for a full refund and wait and see what happens.

    If it is only noticeable when on a uniform gray background, I don't think you really have much to worry about in that regard, and I would just wait and see what solution Apple comes up with.
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    thanks but you really should have just added to the existing thread...:D

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