rMBP keyboard becoming unresponsive.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Collider, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Collider, Sep 2, 2015
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    Hey. I have a 2012 rMPB (specs in sig), and I'm running the current El Capitan Beta. I've checked the El Capitan forum for any reports like this, but the only ones that come close seem to be issues with external devices -- USB or Bluetooth -- and my experience is with the MBP's own built-in keyboard.

    The problem has been happening sporadically over the last couple of weeks. The MBP's keyboard stops responding entirely (trackpad still works just fine) and usually requires a full reboot to get it running again (though occasionally logging out does the trick). I'm hesitant about taking it in for repairs because it's not something I can reliably replicate -- from what I can tell, it happens seemingly at random, and I can't find any link to any apps/programs I have running. That said, I only have another couple of weeks left on my AppleCare, so if this is something that will require repairs, I'm going to need to get on it pretty quick.

    Anyone else had experiences like this, or have any idea what it might be? If it does need repairs, any advice for replicating the problem on demand?
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    Try reproducing the issue running Yosemite as 10.11 is only beta and AppleCare will need to see the problem happen under OS X 10.10 or earlier, not beta software. Best bet is to create a separate partition on your internal hard drive and install OS X 10.10 or earlier and boot to the new partition. When you are done reboot back to the primary partition and delete the new partition.

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