rMBP Pink tint on left, Green tint on right

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Farsider, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Just wanted to start a thread on a different colour tint problem as its not yellow and I'd really appreciate opinions on the problem.

    I've just picked up my 3rd Mid-2014 13" rMBP. Brief history so far:

    • 1st rMBP - Dark shadow in top right corner of the screen (no tint).
    • 2nd rMBP - Dark horizontal bar 3rd from the bottom of the screen across the entire screen. Yellow/Gold colour bleed on right corner on black screen (ie when watching a movie).

    The screen on my 3rd 13" rMBP has a Pink/Magenta tint on the left of the screen, Yellowy/Green on the right. Its visible when web browsing, PDF reading etc. You don't have to look for it, its there right in front of you. When you start reading a sentence of text on the left, its got a pink tint. As your eyes move across the screen, the text and its background transition from a pink tint to a greeny tint. Backlight adjustments and calibration does nothing to improve the problem.

    I'm now at day 15 since I purchased the original rMBP so I guess I can't just ask for a refund anymore. I have an appointment with the Genius bar this weekend and I'm at my wits end about what to do about this. I just want a decent screen. I've owned 6 Apple laptops, 4 iPhones and 3 iPad and never had to take anything back. The quality of the screen of these rMBPs are lousy!

    I'm not a perfectionist but this is just in your face the entire time. Is this the best I should expect or is it worth pursuing another swap? In your experience will a genius swap the entire unit or want to 'repair' it with a screen swap?

    Many thanks
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    I feel awful for you :/ I've dealt with situations like this in the past. I would try to get a new MBP that is in a different lot number.. It sounds like you're dealing within a bad batch.

    Edit: They aren't all lousy panels; mine is perfect.. not even backlight bleed.. It looks so much better than any Windows machine i've ever owned. So they exist.. demand excellence and to be satisfied.
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    I'm on my 7th and it's the best one I have had so far in regards to tints and such, but running the IR test I see faint outline of the checkerboard pattern and I have backlight bleed in the top corner.

    I have had 3 late 13 15", 1 late 13", 1 mid 14 15", and now 2 mid 14 13".

    I have had A018, A020 and A022 panels. I went with the base model in the end so I can sell it easier if they do fix this issue down the road.

    Here is what it looks like at full brightness in a dark room. Obviously the camera makes it look a little worse than it is.

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    Absolutely absurd... I am not sure if Apple's return policy renews for each exchange or not. If not there is always the repair option at any Genius Bar. They could also ship you a box if there are no Apple Stores near you.
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    Just to bring some closure to this thread.

    I took this red/green tinted 13" rMBP back to my local Apple Store today. Whilst they couldn't see the problem (I could) they had no problems swapping it out yet again. I pointed out this was my 3rd rMBP and they couldn't have been more apologetic. They said its not on that I am not 100% satisfied they wouldn't let me leave the store until I was completely happy. We sat down in the Personal Setup area with some rMBPs and went through them. They even got me a drink.

    Luckily enough, the first one we opened had a 'perfect' screen. No tints, no dark spots, even backlight. Perfect for me. I left the store very happy. They even reset the 14 day return period again for me so if I was unhappy, I could return again.

    This is the customer service I stick with Apple for and I finally have an awesome 13" rMBP.

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