rMBP Snap On Cases?


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Jan 10, 2008
Where can I find some slim, good quality snap-on cases for the rMBP? My friend has got a black one for his Air that hardly adds any size at all, and I really want to find something similar.

(FYI I'm talking about an actual plastic/simliar material case that snaps on to the top and bottom, not that clear material that you tape around the computer)

Ideally I would like a slim black case, but it seems like most companies are still not making any cases specifically for the rMBP yet, there aren't even any at the Apple stores in my area.


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Jul 5, 2010
I've been on the look out for snap on cases since I ordered my RMBP (hasn't come yet, still in transit) but so far the only one I have found is the kuzy one like the previous poster mentioned.

If you wait until later this month, Incipio and InCase are supposed to release hard snap on cases. Incipio has the feather case which is very thin and I suspect similar to you friend's case.


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Jul 1, 2009
FWIW, the metal enclosures that Apple uses on its MBP and MBA's is milled instead of stamped. This makes it extremely strong. The TSA sent my girlfriend's MBA flying off the conveyor belt once, and there were just a couple very light knicks and scratches. Zero dents. There's very little need for any sort of case, but if you're EXTREMELY error-prone, then I guess you could justify it :).