rMBP successful panel replacement, quick, exceptional Apple Service once again!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by akdj, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Mar 10, 2008
    Good Morning (at least still in Alaska)

    I just wanted to quickly share my experience this week with my 15" rMBP's display. For months, I've been one of those that exclaimed proudly that my LG had no IR issues whatsoever. And it truly didn't. In fact, in was exceptional. I took several hours to calibrate it initially with a good friend that specializes in display calibration. Contrast/Color/Saturation/White n Black points...all phenomenal and rivaled that of both my Eizo and NEC post production monitors. Fast forward to two weeks back. After an extended session on Chrome, I had to actually get some work done in both Aperture and After Effects. Immediately upon opening AE, IR was evident. Over the course of 5 days...it continued to get worse.

    I scheduled a Genis appointment a week ago today. The Genius ran the traditional gamut of testing. Display passed, but it was a short 'barcode' test that didn't give it much time. We left it in Chrome for 10-15 minutes...and it was slight...but definitely there on a gray background. He reset the PRAM and that did seem to make a difference. He suggested before going through the check in/repair process that I take it home an finish the titling project I was doing in A/E...see if the issue would persist Saturday morning. I worked for a few hours last Saturday...went back into AE after a half hour break catching up with news on cnn.com and low and behold--the IR was back.

    I set up an appointment that afternoon...they checked it in, yesterday I picked up my laptop with a Samsung display. So far very happy...incredible customer service (they had to air ship the display assembly to Alaska...hence the extra 'wait')...regardless of any 'challenges' that ever pop up with Apple...including 1st generation products...I'm not wary at all of making the purchase. They just stand behind their products. Period. It's just SO damn RARE anymore to find this type of customer service anywhere!

    thought I'd pass along my experience...those of you considering the purchase, concerned about IR with current purchase...or hesitant at ALL about the new, absolutely Phenomenal Retina displays. They just can't be beat by any manufacturer. If your laptop IS your business and IS one of your tools essential to paying the mortgage...I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this laptop or ANY Apple Product for that Matter.

    A Very Happy Apple Customer...Again,

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    Manhattan, New York
    How can people live in ALASKA? :eek:
    Are you an Eskimo? Why do you have internet^^ sooo coool
    PS: I will go on reading, it's really much :D



    Okay, I have the same Retina MBP in front of me right now & I hope that they will help me as good (free :) ) as they did w/ you... but I most hope my mac will never get any problems ever :-//

    Let's talk about Alaska :DDD hahaha oh man :)
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    "How can people live in ALASKA?
    Are you an Eskimo? Why do you have internet^^ sooo coool
    PS: I will go on reading, it's really much"

    I've been in Alaska 32 years. Moved up when I was 9 years old. I'm an oil brat. My father worked for ARCO in the 'lower 48' and was transferred to Prudhoe Bay in the early 80s.

    No, I'm not 'Eskimo'. Native Alaskans prefer to be called...Native Alaskans. Eskimo, not so much---just as an FYI;). I'm 42 (caucasion)--3 younger brothers (one is married to an Inupiat gal). I got my Bachelor's degree in California, UC Berkley...my Master's @ UCLA. I came back 18 years ago and haven't ever even entertained the idea of leaving! All three of my brothers also left AK for their educations...they, too, are all back. We've all married and had children...I'm the oldest, the youngest is 34. Believe it or not, Alaska is currently in a helluva lot better condition than your neck of the woods:) Nasty storm on the east coast coming....here it's a balmy 31º today, no wind...a half inch of snow last night...and a decent, albeit a bit cloudy weekend forecast. It's been a very nice winter:) In Anchorage, we're on the ocean. The Japanese current comes right up the coastline maintaining a relatively temperate and 'mild' winter. It's when you get into the interior that things turn to 'bad'...or 'worse'. 50-75 below temps from Fairbanks to the 'Slope' are commonplace. It's dark up there too. At worst, in Anchorage (mid December thru mid January) we have 5-6 hours of light. We make up for it with phenomenal summers though;)

    Glad you're interested. I came up from NW Montana (Whitefish, by Glacier Park) and feel blessed to have lived my 42 years in a couple of the MOST beautiful places in the US:) Maybe I'm biased, but I'd NEVER leave Alaska. Other cool factors...no state income tax. No local sales tax. A nice little $1000+ oil royalty distributed each year to every man, woman and child. Our real estate prices didn't take ANY kind of hit...and we've got very low unemployment rates. Incredible seafood, phenomenal wildlife...everything in AK comes in 'extra large'...and an amazing school system. Doesn't get ANY better a place to raise a family IMHO.

    Good Luck with your rMBP. I think it's ubiquitous. Apple is just plain excellent when it comes to excellent customer service. A bad experience is an anomaly.

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    My GF has been trying to convince me to be open to moving to Alaska with her. Been pushing back forever... now I want to go there. Damn you!

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