rMBP trackpad wrist pain?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by pk314, May 31, 2014.

  1. pk314 macrumors member

    May 18, 2014

    I recently purchased a new 13in rMBP and this is my first mac computer ever. When I use the macbook in bed on my lap, my wrist and my forearm really start to hurt from using the trackpad, especially the 2-finger scrolling. I was wondering if anyone else experienes this as well and if I'm doing something wrong to cause this? I had a similar problem with my previous HP but I figured that was due to the horrible "trackpad" on it and where it was positioned. I thought this problem would go away since MacBooks are known to have one of the best trackpads on the market.

  2. Shrink macrumors G3


    Feb 26, 2011
    New England, USA
    The fact that you experienced the same problem with your HP suggests to me that the problem does not lie in the trackpad, or it's position on the computer...but rather the position of the computer itself when you are using it in bed.

    You might try a lap tray. I use this one and like it a lot. I don't use it in bed, but rather in an armchair...but it positions the computer nicely.
  3. pk314 thread starter macrumors member

    May 18, 2014
    But I also experience slight pain when I use it on a table so that makes me think I'm using the trackpad wrong? If that is even possible?
  4. Jessica Lares macrumors G3

    Jessica Lares

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    It could be the hardness of the top case. Get yourself a wrist cushion.
  5. SandboxGeneral Moderator emeritus


    Sep 8, 2010
    It's the position that you're holding your hands, wrists and arms that is causing the pain. As suggested, look for a tray that holds it on an angle. You can even prop the laptop up with a book or something to put an angle on it and see if that helps improve things.
  6. Hieveryone macrumors 68040

    Apr 11, 2014

    My wrist definitely get tired and sometimes hurt but only if I use it for HOURS at a time like maybe 3-4 hours straight.

    Sounds like you need some physically therapy for your wrist. There's nothing wrong with the computer design.

    You can go to an apple store to make sure you didn't get a defective trackpad.
  7. surf99 macrumors newbie

    Aug 2, 2008
    I had been suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury) for a couple of years. Both my wrists, my arms and elbows hurt. I couldn’t even lift a cup without pain. Not to mention computer related work, that was nearly impossible.

    I have published my whole story on my website History - Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). You’ll also find comprehensive information on what helped me in the end to overcome this pain (22,000+ words, so arrange enough time ;)). So if you are a fellow sufferer, I hope this can be of help.
  8. Samuelsan2001 macrumors 604

    Oct 24, 2013
    You Have RSI

    As everyone else says you have RSI in your wrists this is a medical condition often caused by over use of computers and games consoles. There are many online guides on how to minimise this discomfort but ultimately rest is the only real answer, followed by physical therapy to strengthen the wrists.

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