iPad mini rMini line-out doesn't work! How can I get line-out?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Apple!Fre@k, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Here's the deal: I installed an iPad mini in my car. Had it connected using the guts from an iPhone 5S dock from Apple. Plugged the lightning connector into the iPad and then that gave me a lightning female port and a line-out. Was working great. But I just swapped the iPad mini for my new Retina mini and it no longer works. Still charges but no audio. Seriously bummed!

    Any ideas guys? The sound quality was much better with line-out than the headphone jack so I want to keep it that way.

    Just can't understand why it worked on the iPad mini but won't work on the mini with Retina. Any ideas as to what would allow it to still charge using the iPhone 5S guts, but not work with the audio port on that board?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Try plugging in the lightning cable first then the aux. make sure the stereo is on the right input of course.
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    Tried that before I posted this but no dice. Also, I tried it on a different source... Plugged headphones into the line out and still didn't work.

    Also, just tried Apple's Lightning to 30-pin connector adaptor and a 30-pin line-out cord plugged into that and both my iPhone and iPad threw up a "This accessory is not supported for this device" notice and it didn't work when it was plugged into the iPhone 5S board first. But if I just plugged the Lighting to 30-pin directly, it worked.

    The problem I have with doing that is since this is being installed in my car's dash, there's not enough clearance for the Lightning cord sticking out the end. That's why I was using the iPhone 5S dock board... It gave me a Lightning connector with a ribbon so it made a super tight bend behind the iPad and there was no cord sticking out.

    So frustrated!!!
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    Perhaps this answers your question of why it won't work?

    "Q: In the days of the 30-pin Apple Dock Connector, we had a relatively large choice of car dock/charging accessories with the integrated connector. Why is it that there now does not appear to be any such cigarette lighter/vent/suction mounts with an integrated Lightning Connector? One that I’m looking for in particular would have the Lightning Connector, an audio out port to connect to the car stereo and a cigarette lighter plug to charge the iPhone. Belkin, Kensington, Griffin, Scoshe, et al don’t seem to have anything like that. Any ideas?

    - J-P

    A: You aren’t likely to find car adapters with integrated audio simply because the Lightning Connector no longer provides analog audio output in the way that the Dock Connector did. This means that manufacturers can’t simply grab the audio stream from a Lightning Connector device and send it through to an audio output port; instead they would have to incorporate some time of Digital to Analog converter, increasing the complexity and likely the cost of accessories that are generally in the sub-$50 price range.

    Further, the advent of Bluetooth integration as an almost-default option on most new cars has reduced the demand for adapters that provide wired audio connections, providing less of an incentive for accessory manufacturers to bring such devices to market.

    In addition, car chargers that simply provide a standard USB port have been increasing in popularity, due in part to the costs and complexities of licensing the Lightning Connector from Apple and a desire to support users who may want solutions compatible with a Dock Connector or other devices. With the switch to the new connector, we no longer have the “one-size-fits-all” solution that the Dock Connector provided for many years.

    Read more at http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/ar...k-connector-car-adapters/#p6drqebPR1cZleeG.99"
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    Don't use the charging cable just the aux cable. I don't see why that shouldn't work?
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    Please don't make multiple threads asking the same question:


    Your original thread was not even 24 hours old. Bump the thread if you need to.

    There is actually a difference between line out and headphone out. I just learned about this yesterday, thanks to OP's original thread. Here is a thread that I found on the subject:


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