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    I'm starting my first year of university soon and looking for a new laptop. Because I want something durable, well manufactured and possibly without tons of software issues, I decided that it's time to try mac after 20 years with windows. I think MBA would be perfect for me, because I'm doing journalism degree and working as journalist, but I really don't want to pay so much for device with so bad screen. That means I'm looking at rMBP 13 right now, but have a few questions. I'm a little bit worried about its weight and battery life when you use computer normaly - few browser tabs, playing music, writing in word... I'm going to carry it with me every day too. I think that rMBP 13 has enough power for my usage and I actually love the fact, that there is more horsepower for editing video or something like that. You never know what's going to occure and I don't believe that possible rMBA would be able to offer so much power as Pro, especially with its weight, size and retina.

    And finally, do you think it's ok to buy mac with current processor and don't wait for broadwell models? I'm asking because I would like to have it for let's say 3 years and I'm a little bit woried about resale value with only dualcore model.

    Every insight is appreciated!
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