Road Accident today (Jogger and 4X4)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by EGT, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Sep 4, 2003
    I was driving along some back roads out of town at about 3 o clcok and there was farm traffic ahead not moving. I saw a lady park her car, jump out with a first aid bag and run down the road. "Ahh *****e, something's happened." As I got a closer I realised it was pretty bad, so I parked up and got out to help as well. The poor man was out cold but still alive. He was jogging along the road when a Suzuki 4X4 hit him. There were about 5 or 6 others trying to revive him, trying to get him to talk but he was bashed up pretty bad. His nose was cut with blood all over his face, in his eyes etc. Some very nasty, deep gashes on the top of his head. The ambulance was already on the way and we'd put our jackets/jumpers on him to keep him warm and stop the bleeding.

    He was starting to come round just as the ambulance arrived. They kept him from moving, got the neck brace on and gave him oxygen. His eyes were open but he was shivering a lot (it was absolutely freezing). Someone had gotten tin foil from a house further down the road and the man that hit him was walking away to give it back when the ambulance driver just roared, "OI!!!! GET BACK HERE!!". One of the other guys who'd stopped said to me the driver didn't have a license and he asked for a lift out of there quick. :rolleyes: I made a note of his registration and details of his car in my phone. He said he was "doing 30 or 40 and he came out of no where".

    The ambulance guys packed up but before they left they asked the lady if the police had been contacted, which they had, and as soon as they"d gone, the man that hit him jumped in his car and drove off!! :mad:

    Another lady arrived and said she saw it happen but she couldn't leave her children waiting outside school. She came back thinking the police would be there and she could tell them what happened. I told her the guy didn't have a license and he said he was doing 30 or 40. She laughed and said, "No way was he doing that. I was doing 50 (the speed limit) and he had overtaken me and the two tractors ahead when he hit him".
    I should point out, it happened just after a junction, so he could have hit a vehicle pulling out before the slow moving tractors. Whether or not the jogger came from the joining road, I'm not sure. Maybe he saw the tractors and thought he could cross safely with the opposite lane being clear. She said when he hit, the jogger went up in the air. The 4X4 had bull bars on the front which weren't damaged, but the light behind it was smashed and there was a big dent on the bonnet which, I assume, is where his head hit. Not ... good ... at ... all.

    I have no idea how well he is now, I'll probably call over to the hospital tomorrow. Another lady there knew him and she was talking to someone at his work so I overheard the name and his work place. She also took the drivers details and she said she was going to the police station.

    I haven't contacted the police but I think I should, just in case. I'm keeping an eye on the local news to see if the police are asking for witnesses or details. I hope the driver went to the police. :mad:

    So, that's that. Very scary :(
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    You should contact the cops and make a statement, here comes the lawyers.
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    Dec 21, 2004
    That's awful! I would definitely contact the police just to make sure the driver gets justice. He shouldn't get off scott-free through the off-chance that each person who got his details thought someone else would call....
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    Mar 8, 2004
    All the best to that poor chap. I run in the city and I dodge idiot drivers and inconsiderate drivers who think runners get in their way. If someone cuts me too close or burns a stop sign, I casually give them the finger. I try to incorporate it into my rhythm.

    Jerks they are!
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    Thats scary, just make sure you wear bright clothing when you run. Although not much can save you from dangerous drivers
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    Aug 20, 2005
    Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
    Just looking at the topic made me feel bad....i hate to hear stuff like whats right buddy.


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