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    Mar 22, 2011
    Sorry about the title, it's the only way I could get the app across in a short space.
    Well, I've recently downloaded an app (who I don't work for, didn't help create etc etc) called Roamler. [UK and NL only].

    You act as a mystery shopper almost, whilst earning XP and getting paid to perform small tasks!

    Advertisers and Companies pay Roamler to act as a mobile workforce. Us, "Roamlers" can explore and capture our city for a particular brand and help promote it in an original way, we send in our results, and after verification we get paid for completing the task.

    I've had the app for around 4 days now. I've completed tasks for Heineken, Tesco, Homebase and a few others and I've got £13.50! haha!

    I can honestly say, that this isn't spam.. it's not a "5 tips to earn a million dollars at home a day", - so for any of you that do actually download it, comment here! Let me know how you get on! :D

    £13.50 in a few days? We could be looking at a £100 or so every other month! SWEET!
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    I see this thread has got a lot of views today.
    Has anyone managed to download it?

    What do you think? :)

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