Rob McElhenney Shares New Details on Upcoming 'Mythic Quest' Apple TV+ Series at E3

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    At Ubisoft's E3 event this afternoon, Rob McElhenney, known for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, today shared some new details on his upcoming TV show for Apple TV+, "Mythic Quest," along with a new trailer for the series.

    "Mythic Quest" features a team of game developers who work on a massive multiplayer roleplaying game called, as the name suggests, Mythic Quest, which is similar to World of Warcraft or Everquest, only bigger.

    The team is about to put out "Raven's Banquet," a new expansion. Rob McElhenney stars as Ian Grimm, the leader of the company developing Mythic Quest. In the trailer, the video announcing the new expansion turns out to be a video of Grimm, and all his employees criticize it.

    The show also includes F. Murray Abraham, Imani Hakim, David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, Ashly Burch, Charlotte Nicdao, and Jessie Ennis. It was created by McElhenney and Charlie Day, though Day is not in the show. The show was revealed at Ubisoft's E3 event because the "Mythic Quest" creators partnered with Ubisoft to learn how a real game development studio works.

    Apple hasn't yet shared the trailer on its Apple TV+ YouTube channel, but it was shown in the livestream at about two hours in, and is available in the video above. Apple will likely have the trailer available on its own YouTube channel soon.

    Apple also recently shared a full trailer for another one of its shows, "For All Mankind," which explores what would have happened had the space race never ended.

    "Mythic Quest" and "For All Mankind" are set to launch this fall when the Apple TV+ service becomes available.

    Article Link: Rob McElhenney Shares New Details on Upcoming 'Mythic Quest' Apple TV+ Series at E3
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    Not sure who this "Rob McElhenney" person is, but I'm getting a slight jabroni vibe…
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    Pretty sure the space race would have ended in 1994. I thought the premise of the show was that the Soviets made it to the moon first which is a realistic possibility. It’s not realistic the Communists could have continued spending that much on space and defense into the late 1970s and 1980s. Reality was catching up to their economic system.
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    Jabroni. You keep using that word and it’s... awesome.
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    In that freeze frame I feel like he is giving us an occular patdown.
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    Rob McElhenney: "Here's the deal—we're NOT, under any circumstances, doing a @#$%& show for Apple TV+."

    Cut to black screen with caption: "The Gang Does A Show for Apple TV+."
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    We have no idea what soundly beating the US not only to space, but the moon would’ve done to the US standing in the world at that time. Probably would elevate communism as a viable alternative to aggressive US policies in that era.
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    I think this show could have some potential— it this trailer for it is pretty boring and not very funny.
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    It’s like when I’m doing well in the game, I’m doing well in life.
  12. ThunderSkunk, Jun 11, 2019 at 9:28 AM
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    That could get very interesting. We’ve all been fed the same US-centric propaganda narrative about the Soviet side of the Space Race for nearly a century, and it’s not sufficient to explain the past nor the present.

    That the soviets were able to start with most of their people living in log huts farming beets pre-war, pump every resource into WWII, do the majority of fighting, fight both sides of that war, suffer enormous losses, emerge not with giant blank cheques from the world’s new bank for rebuilding, but with a country in ruins and 2-3 missing generations of manpower, then lose millions more of their intellectuals, gays, scientists and highest producers in Stalins purges and murderous authoritarianism, and yet still manage to scrape what is essentially a gaggle of enormous frontier countries together back into industrialization, and actually function well enough to try to keep people fed, quickly rebuild entire industries with no capital, develop a TON of scientific and engineering research, nuclear, aerospace technology the world still uses today, as well as an absurd amount of quality output in literature, music, ballet, etc... as well as fund 30 other bankrupt countries around the world as well, and do this all while operating not as an equal player in trade on the world stage, but isolated by siege tactics from the US (sudden inheritor of 95% of the world’s Old Money) + every other country that wanted a slice of that pie, in an economic war against them... and manage to last for half a century... it’s pretty amazing any of that happened at all.

    It’s almost unthinkable that they were able to end up in space at all, much less whoop the US’s butt nearly every step of the way up until the moonshot. I’m no fan of Russia or its gloomy history, but we’re presently flying into space on old Soviet spaceships, not British, French, or even German (well, to an extent) spaceships.

    When people flippantly remark about how the space race was a dud because the soviet collapse was inevitable because this or that part of their country wasn’t “superior” to ours, I can see why every generation, more and more kids who look into it are left thinking it might be worth another look. And then they see the fate of present day Russia after the western capitalist reforms, collapse of the union, the oligarchy and poverty, and our ill-fitting old oversimplified propaganda read rings a little hollow.

    But come on Germany, with all those engineers & manufacturers, & your de facto empire again, where the hell is your space program...
  13. Mactendo macrumors 68000

    Oct 3, 2012
    In 1986 communists launched the world's first space station which significantly grew over the years and was in service until 2000.
  14. Mactendo, Jun 11, 2019 at 5:41 PM
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    Oct 3, 2012
    Good comment, except for a couple of points. There were achievements before the WWII. In 1920s Russians brought constructivist architecture to the world as well as a bunch of modern art styles (suprematism and others). Industrialization started well before WWII and just in 20+ years between WWI/revolution/Civil War and WWII the country made a big jump in industrial development.

    Similar things are happening in China now. Space program requires not only resources but also big geopolitical ambitions. So if someone will have a space program that's not Germany but China. They're already building their own space station and have plans for the Moon.
  15. ThunderSkunk macrumors 68030


    Dec 31, 2007
    Milwaukee Area
    true, I condensed Russia's recent history down as tightly as i could just to make the point, but yeah, the burning and rebuilding of St Petersburg, the worker migrations, the giant cities, the staggering human costs, movements in the sciences, art & architecture, revolution, etc... it's hard to mention any of it without getting into all of it. Busy place.

    I agree about China and go out on a limb to add India, if mainly because China themselves do. The pair should be the interesting ones to watch going forward, with their ambition and potential still ahead of them yet, w/ their enormous populations, million(+) man armies, and that deep & increasingly militant rivalry between them. If they can channel their angst into a space race, they may not even destroy each other, and the entire world...

    It only bugs me that Germany, and with airbus, France, don't have their own programs, because both already have more than enough technology on hand to do it, they just lack will, same as the US. So they minimally fund the ESA, don't make much of an impression in the culture, & then cite the cultural indifference as a reason to minimally fund the ESA. Like most people I wouldn't give either country this much attention in the matter, but after recently seeing their abilities to whip up large scale chem, materials & precision composites mfg facilities, & use ai with giant robotics & minimal human guidance to do it, if they had any reason to make the next big leap in technological advancements, they could probably launch a fleet in six weeks, and make everyones previous attempts seem somewhat silly. But they won't.

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