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Discussion in 'iPad' started by RVijay007, Aug 11, 2014.

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    OP — I did not know the voice on that iPad commercial was Robin Williams. Now I do.

    Thanks for this.
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    I thought that voice sounded familiar. It also reminds me that I've never seen that film. Thanks for sharing.
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    I don't mean to diminish the poignancy of the message in the ad or the dialogue - it IS a powerful piece - nor do I wish to diminish the sadness of Robin Williams' passing. But, I have doubts that he actually had much active (or any) participation in producing this ad, like the story suggests (saying it was his "final production").

    It's very likely that the team which put the ad together (of which I doubt Williams was part of) simply lifted the original audio from the film and spliced it into the ad timeline in Final Cut Pro. Of course, Williams likely got a nice royalty check, but I really doubt he re-recited the monologue, or had created sway in the ad.

    Still, a powerful message, and I'm sad to know he's gone.
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    He rerecorded the monologue for the commercial. I don't have the source because I'm useless but I read it fairly recently.
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    Actually, that's exactly and entirely what you mean to do. Because you had to spout it off here and on the article as well. At least have the balls to be direct about it.

    Robin Williams recorded the monologue for the ad, which it states in the linked article, as well as any other article about the ad. It's a powerful piece meant to stir emotion and will to live. Instead of looking at the tragedy of his passing and the fact that even his own words from his performances couldn't help him, you opted to go and make some snarky comment. And on top of it, you did so twice because you so desperately want people to see your opinion on the matter.

    The article simply states that it was one of the final productions he was involved with. The ad ran a few months back, and was recorded early this year. This isn't saying anything that's not true. Robin Williams had maybe ten productions this year, including a handful of yet to be released movies, and this was one of them. Whether or not he was involved beyond his recital of the monologue is irrelevant. It was still a production he was involved in (even if only as a voice actor), and you're faulting him for that, as if he shouldn't get credit for something he did. I mean, after all, I'm sure he got a big royalty check, right? :rolleyes:

    You acted in bad taste (twice), and it's shameful. For what? What did you gain by it? A quick ego boost by making claims against a dead man? Some smug satisfaction knowing you got your licks in? Pathetic.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.
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    I highly doubt it was rerecorded.

    If you listen to the monologue from Dead Poets Society and the iPad commercial back-to-back, they sound identical. Every inflection and intonation sounds exactly the same. You can't distinguish the two monologues from each other at all. Even if he was trying to recite it in the same manner with the same cadence, there's no way he could have gotten it that perfect.

    I'm quite certain that Apple simply used the original monologue; it wasn't a rerecording.
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    I wouldn't put it past good actors to be able to repeat a performance exactly -- I recently saw a stage production twice, weeks apart, and it was quite impressive how the actors did almost the exact same thing both days. But after so many years, why would Robin Williams want to reproduce his performance from the movie? The point of rerecording the monologue would be to get a different, fresh take on it. So I agree that the voice over in the ad is most likely not a new recording, but a reuse of the audio from the movie. Doesn't diminish the impact of the ad, but I do agree that calling it Robin William's final production is inaccurate.

    BTW, I rewatched that scene, and before the part that was used in the ad, he says a few sentences about how we will all die one day. While it's sad that he couldn't go on any more, watching him always made me feel he was a man living with pain. I hope he is finally at peace.
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    Agreed. No way it was re-recorded. The sound quality of the VO is pretty subpar, especially for Apple production standards. You can hear background noise, room tone, etc.
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