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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Gregintosh, Oct 23, 2011.

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    So I ended up getting the Rocketfish Bluetooth headset/headphones today for y, iPhone 4S and so far I'm pretty impressed.

    I am referring to the behind the ears headphones not the silly stuff that goes into one ear and just makes you look like some self important jerk from 2004. Bluetooth&cp=1&lp=4

    The main reason I bought it is because winter is coming and I wanted to get something that would let me use my iPhone without any cords while I am out walking (cords get tangled easily and are especially annoying when wearing a thick and long winter coat). I also want to keep my phone in my pocket to protect it from extreme cold and the snow which are inevitable and common occurrences here in Chicago.

    I also wanted more regular headphones because quite frankly they will keep my ears warmer than ear buds.

    These headphones are pretty light, not like my first HP Bluetooth headphones which I got back in 2005 for my HP iPaq. So while those turned me off to the behind the ears designs, this one is slowly winning me back.

    The headset doesn't seem to drain the battery much via Bluetooth 2.1, the audio quality is great, and the talk button initiates Siri. Haven't had it long enough to speak of battery life but I believe it said around 8 hours on the spec sheet.

    While this may not be as good as a professional headphone set for audiophiles it's more than enough for ordinary people. The ability to use my phone to do almost anything I'd need to do while running or walking without having to mess with cords or taking my phone out of the pocket is great. oh, and that includes enjoying music normally which is not possible with one-ear headsets designed for just conversation.

    Overall, I recommend it. Also, for $59 it's about 30%+ less than many retail competitors (the next cheapest one at Best Buy was $89 from Motorola and I know there is a Sony one out there for $79 too).
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    Can't pair with Macmini

    I just bought this headset and am having a problem pairing it with my computer. In my case, the headset pairs OK with my iTouch 4G, but not my Macmini:( (2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo;OS 10.6.8). When I try to pair the headset, a message appears, “The device does not have the necessary resources”. The Rocketfish manual states that the “headset only works with devices that support the HSP, HFP, or A2DP profile”. According to an article in Wikipedia (, OS 10.5 added support for A2DP. Does anyone know if OS 10.6.8 lacks support for A2DP? Does anyone have suggestions for solving the problem?

    I called Rocketfish support and they don’t know the answer, nor have they heard of this problem.

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