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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dukebound85, May 24, 2010.

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    Does anyone know if you can buy tickets at Coors Field on gameday at the stadium?

    I have usually just bought online but don't want to this time around (fees are crazy) and want to go tomorrow sooo yea, short notice

    Is there a ticket window? I would think so but after 20 min of googling, I can not seem to find concrete evidence of this being possible and always just see ways to order online. I know there are ticket gates where you get in but havent seen one where they get sold per say in the many games I have been to


    Edit: also, does anyone know offhand if in denver, it's legal to buy scalped tickets?

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    I would be surprised if you could not buy tickets tomorrow at the venue. A stadium without a ticket booth for day of game? Either way just go and buy tickets off someone who is selling, which I'm sure there will be many.

    I often buy tickets like this and get tix for face or far less. I doubt the CO PD is out in force trying to enforce scalping for Rockies vs. Dbacks tickets on a Tuesday night. If that bothers you enough, if the price is above face, walk away as I'm sure there are other opportunities. Also check TM day of game as I've purchased tix for the World Series and others that way if they release tickets.

    Just go and I'm sure you'll get in and have a $15 beer. :)
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    It depends on who the opponent is. Some teams "travel well" - attract fans and fill the seats. Most places have a distance limitation on reselling tickets. Just don't buy from an undercover cop.
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    You can order them by phone at 303-Rockies. Attached is a screen capture with the address and hours of the ticket office. Enjoy the game and GO ROCKIES!!!

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