Rockmelt's Social Browser Comes to the iPhone

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    Rockmelt first launched its iPad app in October, providing an endless stream of personalized content from an array of sources in a tiled, Pinterest-style layout. The company today brought the same experience to the iPhone, with its newly updated universal app.

    Like the iPad version, the app on the iPhone features a tiled design, but adds new gestures that have been implemented to make reading with a single thumb feasible. Swiping to the left closes a tile and swiping to the right saves a tile to be read later. The save functionality syncs with the iPad app as well.

    Six "emote" buttons allow readers to react to content with icons such as "lol", "want", "wtf", "aww", "hmm", and of course, "like". Rockmelt functions much like Flipboard, but incorporates social feedback, turning it into a web browser with social news integration.

    Rockmelt can be downloaded free on the iPhone or the iPad from the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Rockmelt's Social Browser Comes to the iPhone
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    Is MacRumors going to talk about every new App that hits the App Store or get updated?

    I'm fine with it, just curious. Never used Rockmelt's Social Browser before though.

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