RockNES Emulator - is there an intel alternative NES emulator?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by badhorsie777, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. badhorsie777 macrumors member

    Jan 31, 2003
    I am currently using RockNES as a nintendo emulator on my macbook 2.16 (3gb of ram) and it's just revving my fan to death and burning my battery down SOOOO fast. Anyone have an intel-compatible alternative? (I'm assuming there is a rosetta-translation happening with rocknes) I've been searching the net without luck.


  2. Daveoc64 macrumors 601

    Jan 16, 2008
    Bristol, UK
    Mac OS X generally turns up the fan speed whenever the CPU is getting used more.

    All of the emulators I've used (for whatever device)- Intel or PowerPC do just that and keep the fans loud and drain the power.

    So I don't think that you'll find a solution really.
  3. badhorsie777 thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 31, 2003
    I read you... but should it be draining at the level it is? I'm talking it stresses the system more than even Logic Pro does.... seems excessive.

    BTW - I just found a universal binary of Nestopia 1.3.7 - can anyone comment on its resource-hogging? Better or worse than RockNES on an intel macbook?

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