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    //12-18 2012

    RockPlayer2 now update to version 2.2, we add TV Streaming and built-in forum with a big improvement of decoding engine.

    TV-Streaming : You can watch TV on air through RockPlayer2 now , and you can make your own streaming source or even your own TV station ! Our official streaming index collected limited TV streaming address , if you want see more , you can add by yourself . If you'd like to share your streaming source with others , you can make your streaming index using our specication and share it , people will add it to RockPlayer2 and see more channels . Our specification is open and free , anyone can use it to make streaming index and share it in RockPlayer2 . Users from all over the world will see you . If you like to do this , please send us a mail : , we will send you the instruction in detail .

    Built-in forum : We want to give a easy way for our users to feedback and share their source like subtitle or streaming index . So we add a built-in forum in RockPlayer2 , hope to see you guys there !


    RockPlayer was one of the best media players on Android , after one and an half year , the second generation of RockPlayer - RockPlayer2 is coming to iOS now !

    RockPlayer2 comes with all new design , more functions and several " unique features " like wifi file sharing and customize pannel , and now available for both Android & iOS .

    We rewrote the engine of RockPlayer2, and optimized it for phone with several cores. RP2 supports almost all formats of media files you know, n matter MKV , AVI , RMVB , TS , 720p HD movies or APE, FLAC lossless music, RP2 can play almost everything .


    1 . All New Design
    We tried our best to make it as easy as possible for users to handle this app, RockPlayer 2 comes with beautiful UI and smooth operation. We focus on every single detail to make RockPlayer2 more delicate .


    RockPlayer2 's UI is so simple and clear for users, you don't have to learn to use an app anymore.
    RockPlayer2 now comes with full function media file management . the media library find and show all your media files automatically with thumbnail and other info like type , last play time and so on. can shake your phone to hide some files you dont want others to find.


    The media library find and show all your media files automatically with thumbnail and other info like type , last play time and so on. can shake your phone to hide some files you dont want others to find.

    Let's talk about the "Unique features"

    RockShare : with RockShare , you can share your files with your friends just use your phone, your don't have to find a PC and USB line, you don't have to take your SD card anymore. RockShare is available for both Android and iOS, You can exchange files with any of your friends whose phone installed RockPlayer2 and in the same WIFI with you . File transfer speed can be as fast as 9MB/s.


    Customize Pannel: To make the playback View simple and clean , we make the control bar customizable . Users can choose which button they need and where they put it .Just long press any button of the control bar , you will get the customize pannel and find what you like. So you can get most of the view for movie but not like some other player app , put all the buttons on a playback view .


    we also add great support for gestures and streaming playback , you can handle everything just using one hand.


    At last , here I make a movie for RockPlayer2, hope you like it .

    For more information ,please go out website:

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    I've written a review of it. Hope you don't mind if I share it with you (this is an edited version of my original review - I've just removed the links to my previous / related articles to avoid being accused of self-promoting my articles):

    The app is HERE and is free. If the in-filelist and during-pausing ads annoy you, you can remove them via a $5 in-app purchase. (No ads displayed during playback.)

    The player is a rather mediocre one when it comes to video playback performance, features and compatibility. However, it has some unique features hardly found in any other player, because of which alone you may still want to give it a try, particularly if you often want to share video clips with your iOS friends without using traditional ways of sharing (DropBox, iTunes transfer etc.). Let's start with the latter.

    Unique features

    The player has some unique features certainly worth mentioning.

    First, it's able to access the Camera Roll – very few other multimedia players (the ones that do: PlugPlayer, ReplayerHD Pro, Play Any Video Format - PlayerX HD (with very heavy recompression, though), Azul Media Player - Video player for your iPad By Gplex, CineXPlayer – The best way to enjoy your Xvid movies by NXP Software B.V. (this recompresses too)) are able to do so. Unfortunately, you can't import / transfer the videos to your own RockPlayer2 library, including not being able to put them on playlists (which are pretty well supported in the player) and, even more importantly, it's not possible to send them wirelessly (see the section immediately below) to another iDevice running RockPlayer2.

    Second, it's able to quickly transfer files between itself running on different iOS devices (even between large- and small-screened ones). The transfer speed is pretty good: I've measured around 1.4 Mbps on my “clean” 802.11g local network between an iPad 3 and an iPod touch 4G. Transferring a file (or sets of files) is very easy: you just select it/them in the file list view and tap the Wi-Fi icon. When there's another iOS device running RockPlayer2 in the vicinity, it'll be listed as a possible receiver. You tap its name; a confirmation dialog is, then, displayed on the other:


    If you allow for receiving the files, the transfer starts. You can also see what is being transferred if you tap the Wi-Fi icon again. On the receiver size, two examples: a during-transferring and an after-finishing shot:[​IMG]


    This is indeed a VERY good feature and is far faster than, say, iFile's implementation. If you jailbreak and install iFile, you'll also be able to transfer files from any app's Documents directory – even those of, othwerwise, non-transfer-enabled multimedia players. However, iFile uses GameKit and Bluetooth (or, when installed, you can also use the excellent AirBlue Sharing), meaning it'll have about an order of magnitude (!) lower speed. (Also tested between my two devices transferring files using RockPlayer2 around 1.4 Mbyte/s.)

    Third, a nice feature also pretty uncommon with other players: the ability to redefine all the on-screen buttons:


    Pure playback performance, compatibility

    Well, when it comes to playback performance, I need to say I've seen much better players. Playback of more CPU-taxing videos is generally marred by lipsynch issues and there's no way of fine-tuning frame dropping / synchronization to avoid this; the WMV decoder is below-par; subtitles aren't really supported etc. There are (at least) four considerably better, free titles out there delivering vastly superior performance and features, video playback speed/compatibility-wise:


    And, of course, the, apart from the lack of Retina 3 screen support, by far the best free player, XBMC (if you jailbreak.)

    And, of course, video playback and feature-wise, it in no way can come close to the best of the commercial AppStore video players:

    It's Playing

    Note that the audio playback support of RockPlayer2 is considerably better than that of video playback. If you're into FLAC, APE, WAV or WV playback, you might want to check it out.

    Also note that the player supports hardware MP4 / M4V / MOV playback. If you stick with that format (and the lack of subtitle support isn't a problem), the (relative) weakness of the video decoders of the app won't be an issue for you but you can still use the goodies of the app (e.g., 10/20-second rewind/fast forward; file sharing etc.).

    More info

    I've added a near-complete assessment of the player into the chart of my forthcoming all-in-one multimedia player roundup. It's available HERE (LibreOffice Calc format!). Currently, the player is listed in column C. Warning, the chart is still in beta and is, consequently, pretty much messed up. Nevertheless, it already contains a lot of cool info and links.

    A detailed assessment of real(!), tested(!) features and performance:

    Generic playback-specific, not format-dependent features:

    Gesture-based (short) rewind / fast-forward (excellent for watching and controlling video playback during, say, running in the gym): -

    Adaptive scrubbing (just like that of the stock Videos player): -

    Audio format support and performance:

    - WMA: only basic format is played back, nothing else
    - FLAC: +, all tests passed
    - APE: +
    - WAV: +
    - WV: +

    Video format support and performance:

    WMV: even lowest-res ones are useless; advanced audio isn't supported at all. The video test with the intro was jittery even in the low-res version.

    Buck Bunny, 1080p30 full HD:
    Ogg: average
    AVI (MS-MPEG4): a bit stuttering video (AVPlayerHD and the other players with excellent MS-MPEG4 decoders) and quickly desynched audio

    TS (DVB recordings with MPEG-2 inside):
    1080i60 (US)
    : major desynch issues – the latest version of OPlayer HD (see my quick test report of the latest version HERE) is way better
    576i50 (Europe, Finland): doesn't seem to be reading the Widescreen (16:9 vs. 4:3) flag (unlike with the previous, 1080i60 US case): all originally as Widescreen broadcast videos are played back at 4:3. In addition, it's

    Camera M-JPEG XGA 15 fps AVI: useless: the colors aren't correctly rendered or rendered at the wrong places

    H.264 software decoding (including MKV playback): not as good as AVPlayerHD or other top players.

    (Embedded) subtitles (after explicitly allowing them by assigning “T1” to an on-screen button):
    ASS: -
    SRT (in MKV): -
    Embedded VobSub subs: neither MKV nor M4V.

    DSP's: nope. The brightness setting (when assigned to an on-screen button and invoked through it) only sets the iDevice's brightness, not that of the video playback.
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    Thanks very much !

    I have seen this review the day you post it. Thanks for your reviewing , I will try my best to make RockPlayer2 better. As you said , I haven't made it a "best" media player in iOS, especially in subtitle and playback , this is true. I will spent more time to make these features better.
    I have now upgrade it to 2.0.2, added "hide files" feature , just select and shake iPhone , you can hide the files which you dont want people see . By inputing "uuddlrlrbaba"(this is something I really miss in old video games, means "Up up down down left right left right B A B A") in search bar , you can get them back . Thanks again for your reviewing !

    PS:I made some videos for RP2, you can see them on youtube:


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    Sep 4, 2012
    hope more users know this app, and give me some advice to make it better
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    Sep 4, 2012
    RockPlayer2 has updated to 2.2

    Hey, RockPlayer2 now update to version 2.2,add several new features like TV-Streaming, built-in forum and a big improvement of playback . Hope you can take a look at it if you like ! Thanks!
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Sure I will!
  9. Menneisyys2 macrumors 603

    Jun 7, 2011
    Here it is:

    Being a video format / playback / encoding pro, I've been asked by the RockPlayer2 developers to post an honest review of their new app now that they've fixed some of the bugs and problems I've pointed out in the previous review. Here it is.


    (The AppStore update list; as with all the images in this article, click for a larger, better-quality version)


    - the player no longer uses low (non-Retina) resolution on iPhones (including the iPhone 5). On the iPad 3/4, the Retina screen is also made use of.

    - it's able to quickly exchange videos in the Camera Roll, unlike the previous version. This means you can use this free(!!) app to quickly send the videos you shoot with the camera of the app to other iDevices, assuming they also have RockPlayer2 installed. And if it isn't installed, the app is free and is just a quick download away - which is far better than forcing the receiving partner purchase an app just to be able to receive videos from you. This means, should you want to quickly exchange videos, you no longer need to purchase third-party tools like Photo Transfer – the free RockPlayer2 will do just fine. (Sorry, there is no real Bluetooth file sharing in iOS, unlike in all other, decent, competing mobile operating systems. Apple, it's time to get iOS a bit more up-to-date!)

    - still (ad-supported) free. Ads are, as with the previous version, only displayed if you pause the video, not during playback – unlike with the lite version of some other players (e.g., Playable). An example screenshot of this (also showing the Retina screen resolution is being used on iPhone 4+ and iPod touch 4+ models):


    (note the local (Finnish) ad at the top)

    - there are some new TV channels in the app (albeit all Chinese only, it seems):


    - it can also stream videos over HTTP:



    - the H.264 decoder is still significantly worse than that of the top players in this regard; for example, yaPlayer. You will NOT want to use this player to play back 1080p MKV's with H.264 in them, ot even on the fastest hardware (currently: the iPhone 5 and iPad 4).

    - file exchange sometimes doesn't at all work. For example, I've never managed to make my iOS 6.0.2 iPhone 5 visible to my other test devices (5.1.1 jb'n iPad 3, 5.1.1 jb'n iPod touch 4). Between the latter two, on the other hand I had significantly better luck – sometimes they did see each other and also let for transferring files between them.

    - there is still absolutely no subtitle support

    - the OGG video player is still significantly worse than that of better players – the Big Buck Bunny 1080p test video still stutters even on high-end hardware like the iPhone 5

    - gesture-based rewinding / fast forwarding still hasn't been implemented. By swiping left / right, based on the swipe length, there is scrubbing support, but it's definitely not as easy to do as traditional positioning changing as is done by, say, It's Playing.

    - crashes upon trying to directly play back ATSC content. The previous versions that still supported AC-3 didn't do this (nevertheless, their ATSC playback quality was far inferior to, say, Oplayer, so you really didn't want to use this player to play back your direct TV recordings).

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