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    As the title says:  really does rock .. A month ago my AE(n version) when into amber angry session (non working session) i did the resetting the router/reinstalling.. and still non working issue was still there..

    Decided that i would take the router to  next time i'm in the area, and last night to take it in .. found the store location in the mall, rushed down there it was 10 mins until closing..

    Got there in 3 mins.. talked to one of the "store greeters" and i said how long is the wait for Genius line. He says for laptop or desktop? I say no it's my AE (n) router and i continue tell him about the problem. he starts looking for the Store manager h/she says do an instant exchange on it even i bought it @ another store..

    Even the store had that 'buzz of energy' i still got personal attention..

    Thanks  for the service/attention even on busy night.. :cool:
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    Use <colon>apple<colon> instead of the Apple character.

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    Nice to hear a good story about apple about a very happy customer...keep it up apple.

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