Rogers extends pricing promotion and introduces new rates

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hotshotharry, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Interesting excerpts:

    "Hamilton said just over one per cent of iPhone owners used more than one gigabyte of data in their first month, while about 95 per cent of owners used less than 500MB — findings that are consistent with tests performed by"

    "Unlike other cellphone carriers, Rogers is allowing customers to "tether" their smartphones, or connect them to a computer and use them as a modem."

    "The company is also rolling out a "peace of mind protection plan" on Oct. 1, which will allow customers to get a better idea of how much data they are using. Customers will get periodic free incoming text messages warning them when they cross certain usage thresholds, such as when they have downloaded 80 per cent of their monthly data allotment. Also, excess usage charges that come into effect when the customer exceeds their monthly limit will be capped at $100."

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