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    Hello, I currently have an iphone 3Gs and I am in Canada. What I would like to do is get the new iphone when it comes out, port my number from my current iphone, and then purchase a pay as you go sim from rogers and put it in my 3gs. Is this allowed? I don't want a data, text or anything plan on the 3gs, just for emergencies and playing games and such. I would still be with Rogers, and I don't know if this would help my case, but I would be purchasing another new iphone for my wife.

    Any suggestions on how to get this done would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
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    i know people with blackberries on rogers without a data plan but i cant confirm if its forced for the iphone
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    This is EXACTLY what I have. Minus the "S" (3G User)

    I have a 35$ Prepaid rogers plan without data. Unlimited Calling, Texting, etc.

    The Iphone naturally tries to use data, however rogers won't allow this and will tell you that you need to "Get a dataplan"

    Its not required, though.

    This is what I get (Note I changed my carrier name to "Wind", and have bitesms installed, as well as a nickname for the number rogers uses for notifications..) ... And my battery sensor is also toasted somehow, which means my battery is always 2%.

    But you get the picture.

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