Roku Premier+ over Apple TV 4

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jmcrutch, May 27, 2017.

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    Jul 27, 2010
    Been an Apple TV user since ATV2 and upgraded each time. Loved the integration with my other Apple computers and devices. I even tried a Roku 3 about 18 months ago and stuck with the ATV4.

    But I just got another Roku (free with Charter Spectrum Stream trial) and have to say that my allegiance is waning big time.

    Having access to Vudu, Amazon, and FandangoNow are positives. Yes the ATV will get Amazon this summer eventually, but is unlikely to get Vudu or FandangoNow. I know these services merely duplicate iTunes in a sense, but for me they offer some advantages on occasion. 1) I have TMobile and get free rentals through both services frequently through TMobile Tuesdays and it's nice to have full app access, instead of AirPlay from my iPad. 2) Rental periods on FandangoNow are 48 hrs typically (I can't remember if Vudu's is that long). Still don't understand why iTunes rentals are still stuck at 24hrs.

    My Roku also seems to nail down the proper audio codecs every time, whereas the ATV4 seems to be a mystery as to what it will decode and send to my receiver.

    The Roku interface has come a long way. I'll probably use both at my house, but since my GF's TV has Roku built in, I'm getting accustomed to using the platform more and more.

    If I ever get an HDR/4K TV the Roku box I have is ready for that.

    Apple needs to get a move on to stay above the competition (or even catching up). Also wish Apple would let TV manufactures build in the ATV platform.

    The ATV4 is still nice for siri and using my iPhone to enter user names and passwords, etc. I think there's a Roku app that does similar but I haven't downloaded it yet.

    My wishlist for both of the devices is that they would output 24p for movies.
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    Been using ROKU'S since #1, currently using the new one, what's not to like?
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    Jan 10, 2017
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    I recently read that Vudu announced an Apple TV app due out this summer.
    I certainly hope it's true.
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    Jun 19, 2013
    You mentioned the ATV doesn't seem to know what audio to send to the receiver...???

    What app where you using?
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    Mar 16, 2012
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    Yes - this is the first I've heard about a Spectrum streaming video you have a link for more info?
  7. Jamester23 macrumors newbie


    Apr 6, 2017
    Neither option is a slam dunk. Apple tv has SERIOUS compression issues on video. I can't watch it. It makes me nuts. Movies seems to be OK. Netflix, HBO, Showtime etc all the apps the blacks are horrendous. I bought the HDR Roku. Good news is picture is WAY better. But, there's a chirping popping noise across all apps on there from time to time. The morons at Roku cannot recreate it supposedly. So, if I could get Appletv's audio, ecosystem and ROKU's compression, I'd be styling. Was hoping they would finally announce a 4K HDR Apple TV today but that didn't happen. Hopefully it does in September, i'll be first in line to buy it.
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    Your best way is the current Apple TV AND the Nvidia Shield TV! This way you can use the Apple TV on your 1080p TVs and the shield on your 4K TV! IMHO just having one box is definitely not the way to go!


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