Roland JX-8P or modern midi controller? If get vintage, get programmer too?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by sukitrebek, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Jul 3, 2008
    Disclaimer: I'm a total music production noob

    I'm trying to decide whether to get the roland jx-8p synth for $200 (possibly with pg-800 programmer for a total price of $400) or get a modern midi controller like a yamaha kx61 or kx8.

    i will not be performing live music anytime soon and will mainly be fiddling around with this stuff in my room. i want variety and flexibility, which is why im considering the modern midi controllers that come bundled with cubase ai4 software, but im really, really attracted to the vintage sound of the jx-8p. can i reproduce that vintage sound with a modern midi controller combined with cool software, or will i only be able to get that sound from the real, vintage synth?

    can i use the jx-8p as a midi controller with modern software like cubase, garageband, logic etc?

    if i can use the jx-8p as a midi controller, are there any disadvantages to using it instead of the modern midi controllers?

    if im not going to be playing live, what need would there be for the pg-800 controller to go with the jx-8p? can i make the same kinds of modifications to the sound by other means, especially if im not going to be making live music?

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    Go for the roland

    I realize this is pretty late, but I wanted to try to help out. Yes you can use the Roland as a general midi controller for almost any DAW/ software. Sure, with a modern controller you will have more options (sliders, pads, knobs, etc) but the jx8p is a great analog synth and the semi weighted keys feel great. You can always opt for one of the korg nano controllers with pads and sliders if you just reall had to have extra control.

    You can get pretty close to the original sounds with software, but most of the time a loss of that analog magic and fatness is noticeable.

    One of the advantages to the pg800 is of course easier editing of parameters and you should also be able to use it for automation within your software of choice.

    In my opinion, the only advantage to having a do it all controller would be desk space. Plus you would be likely to spend more for a controller with all that versus the price of the jx8p/pg800. And then you still get all the cool synth sounds!

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