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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jmj2014, Nov 15, 2013.

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    I updated my Mac to OSX Maverick...and immediately everything broke. I'd like to rollback to Lion, so I sniffed around Google for a couple of hours and found out that there was no way to directly 'roll-back', but that I had to restore my computer from an old backup, which I have. However when I plugged my external HDD which contains my Time Machine backups to my Mac, Time Machine can't find the backups. How do I remedy this? I'm pretty sure the disk isn't damaged. Google fed me some information about a 'associatedisk', but I'm unsure as to what that means. Would that work? Can someone explain it to me?
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    Try plugging in the TM disk then option key boot. You should see the TM in the startup manager as a boot option. Once you are booted to the TM disk you will be in the recovery screen. Start Disk Util and erase the entire disk then restore. You will get a screen where you can select a restore date... pick a date before you did the upgrade.
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    jmj2014 you may have hit the same bug as I did, there was a bug in 10.8.4 where TM started silently not backing up applications and system files.

    I think you can check by opening up your TM disk, navigating down under you machine name, look in the dated files, see if there is an applications folder. In mine, that folder just disappeared from sometime in early October, presumably when i upgraded to 10.8.4.

    Anyway, end result of this seems to be that the TM disk isn't recognised as a place to restore from by Migration Assistant. Your user folders are still there so you can get your data back.

    In that case I'm not sure if there is anyway around it, you could try deleting the folders that are dated after the applications ?and systems? folders arent there and see if that helps, obviously this is a high risk strategy though. Or, copy a folder that does have applications and system into the "latest" folder. Again, all high risk stuff. Maybe someone who knows how TM works can suggest if either of these approaches is OK or terrible.

    The other approach is to work out why Mavericks doesn't work and fix that.

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