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I re-designed my site, but for some reason my rollover links do not work in IE for Windows. Sure I expected that my poition:fixed tag would convert to static, but once I fix one more glitch with that it'll work great. Howvere, my navigation links at the top don't work in IE for Windows. Is it because they are within fixed/static positioned layer? That's never had any effect on my rollovers before though! Any ideas? Thanks all.



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Jun 13, 2004
I think there is some problem with your z-index. Your nav_bg has a higer z-index than the links. try changing it to 5 and higher.

EDIT: tested on IE, it the link should activate once you change your nav_bg div tag to a higher numbered z-index.


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Alright z-index updated on all pages. Thanks so much, I hate IE, but I didn't want to force the end user to load it in another browser, even though IE doesn't display the fixed tag properly, at least it will work for them.

Don't want to frustrate the end-user, especially if they are a prospective employer! ;)
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