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Jul 27, 2009
This is so frustrating. WHy some things are made so complicated by apple is beyond me for a company that has a outlook of being simple

Im gathering the phone was held upside down when recording a video, but either way I have moved it to my PC and the thumbnail of the video appears fine. It plays upside down on all media players other than Quicktime

My first choice was to open the video in Adobe premiere and convert it. The video plays the right way up in premiere so i assume that it will render it out with no silly orientation. However even without any editing or effects, its going to take 2 hours to render a 9 min video. No thanks! I canceled!

So i moved to a normal conversion /compression video thing as that seems to do things quicker then premiere. Using the same logic, i thought it would convert out all the stupid orientation settings but i was wrong.

Not to mention, these are all long, crazy methods of just making a video play the correct way around

Im sure theres easier ways.. help pleaseeeeeeeeee :)

Old Yeller

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Dec 21, 2013
Try the Video Rotate & Flip app in the App Store. I think it's free, I can tell anymore since it's already on my phone but it's very easy to use.


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Aug 8, 2014
Unless your video is an insane resolution, 2hrs for a 9 min video seems a bit much. You said that when you open it in premiere, it plays right-side up. Is this after switching the orientation or is it just naturally playing the correct way as soon as you open it? Something doesn't sound right here...
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