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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by LARRYSE, Jan 30, 2013.

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    I have created an app and on one screen in normal orientation everythging is good, but when rotated it is messed up a bit.

    the screen has a pic on the right and a textbox on the left, below both of those there is a larger textbox going the width of the screen. all of these objects are in a scrollbox.

    when rotated the top 2 objects, pic and small textbox are off screen to high. if i scroll to them and let go it bounces back off screen.
    this is swhat it looks like in standard orientation.

    text |---|
    text | |
    text |---|


    when rotated the bottom of the pic is showing the rest is up off screen.

    do anyone have any ideas on how to fix this.

    orginally my small textbox and pic where not in the scroll box, but i needed them there on the rotated view, so they were moved later.

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    Rather than using crude, text approximations of your screens, I think it would help if you included some screenshots of your issue. Also, you should provide more details as to how your UI elements are laid-out. For example, are you using Auto Layout or struts-and-springs? If the former, what are your constraints? If the latter, how are they setup (in IB)?

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