Route only some programs through VPN?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by yg17, Nov 12, 2006.

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    A buddy of mine runs a website on a virtual dedicated server, and I'm basically the admin of it. The host provides us with a separate server for us to FTP into for backups. We've got a cron script on the webserver that actually makes the backups and copies them over to the FTP server. But occasionally, I need to get into the backup server via FTP to delete old backups so we don't exceed quota, or delete backups, or whatever. The problem here is, the backup server is only on the datacenter's private network, there's no way to access it outside the datacenter's network without a VPN connection, or from another server, like our web server. This leaves me 2 options:

    1. SSH into the webserver, then FTP into the backup server, using command line. As powerful as command line can be, no thanks. I hate using it.

    2. Create a PPTP VPN connection into the datacenter from my Mac, and use Transmit to do everything.

    I choose option 2, and it works fine. But the problem is, once VPNed in, you can't access anything outside the network. The VPN doesn't allow outside internet traffic. So, if I'm waiting on a file to download, or need to look something up online quickly, chat in Adium, whatever, I can't. I'd have to disconnect from the VPN first which becomes annoying.

    So, here lies my question: Is there any way to make it so any traffic to and from Transmit goes through the VPN, but traffic from, say, Firefox and Adium go through my regular internet connection, allowing me to still use everything else? Or specify any traffic going to 10.* IP addresses (the backup server is 10.something) goes through the VPN and any other IPs don't go through VPN?

    If someone could share how to do this, I'd be very grateful.
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    DigiTunnel might be the application you're looking for. A free solution would be most welcomed, if someone can suggest one.

    Alternatively, you can define an ssh tunnel to your dedicated server -- open an ssh connection to that server, and configure a tunnel that forwards (for example) to yourserver:21. There are a few toturials (better that my short descriptions) around the web. Then use transmit with (assuming that it can handle nonstandard ports).

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