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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by BigBurd, Feb 22, 2004.

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    Since I have been getting information for my friend, regarding wireless internet, I have developed an interest for myself. In order for me to do this, however, I need a few questions answered.

    I have a 17", 1 gHz, flat-panel iMac and a PC (Win 98 se) hard-wired, through a D-Link router, for internet. I have an iBook, and my wife (she's the PC user) will be getting a new Dell laptop. We'd like to be able to access the internet from anywhere in the house, wirelessly.

    Yesterday, I was informed that, because we have a hard-wired router, we may be able to come out of a port on the router and go to an "access point." We were told that all we needed to do from there was to intall the appropriate cards to our respective laptops, and would could connect wirelessly.

    Question 1: Is this information correct? (I have to admit that I may not have interpreted the information correctly.)

    Question 2: If the information is correct, would a Linksys system work well, or should I consider another system?

    Question 3: If this information is incorrect, what is the correct method?

    Question 4: Will I be able to use the "G" standard (54 mbs) on my 600 mHz iBook G3, and if so, what card should I get?

    Question 5: Are the USB stations that are used instead of cards as fast as cards?

    Question 6: What would YOU do!??!

    I will greatly appreciate any information you can give me.

    Thanks, so much.
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    You can either ethernet between the router and the access point, or get a combined router and access point (removing the current router). Which you do depends on how much money and brainspace you have tied up in your current router.

    I have a gray Airport hub connected to my router this way. I got it cheap (had to replace the caps).

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes, Linksys is fine, I like their stuff.
    3. Swap cable from router to access point, but see above.
    4. No, AFAIK you can't use 802.11g with any of the older Macs.
    5. No, they're not as fast, and they cost more.
    6. Shop for a used gray Airport and used Airport cards, replace the caps if necessary, and be on the air for around $100. (That's what I did. YMMV!)

    edit: On second thought, the combined router/WAP may be cheaper than even a used Airport, and you can sell your existing router.
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    Yes, the info was indeed correct. YOu would need wireless access point to set up a wireless network. These can be of two types, software access or hardware acccess points.
    If your wired desktops have a wireless card, then you can turn the internet sharing on and your laptops would connect through your desktop. This will be software access point.
    Second method, and better method, is to get a wireless router. You plug the internet cable in your router, connect desktops to the router, and laptops would be connected wirelessly. So the router would be now a hardware access point.
    In order to get 802.11g standards you would need:
    1. 802.11g router (which are costly)
    2. 802.11g wirelss card in your laptops.
    If you have a g4 ibook, it would have AE whichi is 'g', but I m not sure the dell laptop would come with 'g'.

    Best way I would do it, is get any 802.11b wireless router, they come real cheap. You would get 11mbps connection which would be sufficient. And you wont need your existent wired router anynmore,,so u can then very well take it off..
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    Thanks to both of you for your enlightening information.

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