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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Phightinphils, Aug 28, 2013.

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    So I have a brand new router. One huge problem, it is in the basement. There is a 2' layer of concrete between my basement and bedroom where my desk is located. The signal is usually below 7mbps. I checked it a second ago and it was too slow to even take a reading from Got stuck at .17mbps -.-

    I'm having AT&T come out tomorrow to see if they can offer better service with U-Verse than my current provider. Anyone have any suggestions if they're charging way more and aren't worth it? Has anyone had any past experience with wifi signal boosters and/or bridges? thanks

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    Can you run to a little AE? Placed half way it will boost the range of your wifi and they are not expensive...I have one in the deroom and we get pretty much the same speeds over wifi as we do cabled up:

    With two ethernet ports and a 3.5mm jack for speakers it's just the right device..:)
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    Just pick up one of THESE and set it up as a repeater. Super simple, and super cheap. They even sell them a Wally World so you don't have to wait for shipping.
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    First off getting U-Verse will not make a difference in this situation. The sales reps will swear up and down that this is the solution. Either because they are ignorant or could give a s*** about your problem and just want a sale.

    With two feet of concrete you want need to bypass with a wired connection. Once bypassed you can use an access point to then broadcast the network upstairs.

    When it comes to bypassing you can do it the quick and easy way with a Powerline Ethernet Adapter. Alternatively you can run an Ethernet cable.

    If you go with the Powerline Ethernet Adapter I would get a faster 500mb/s model. You could also get a cheaper 200mb/s model to save money. I would note that the 200mb model is actually only capable of 100mb due to the 10/100 Ethernet port. You can add more units throughout the house for more access points.

    Personally I would run Cat 6 Ethernet cable throughout the house as this provides the best consumer connection. But is labor intensive and requires a bit of networking knowledge.

    As for the Wireless aspect. I would get an Airport Express for the access point you connect to the wired connection you run upstairs. If you want to save money this EnGenius gets good reviews. I prefer the Airport for known reliability and ease of configuration especially if you already have an Airport Extreme.

    If you are switching from cable be prepared to be very disappointed with u-verse. Especially if you are going to use them for television. The bit rate for Television feeds is very low compared to cable so the picture is heavily pixelated with u-verse. Also the internet connection is shared with the television. Each TV sucks several mb/s from your internet connection. So you never get close to the purported speed unless your turn off all your u-verse TV boxes. If you are upgrading from DSL than by all means U-Verse is better.
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    Velocityg4 is right on. You need to get another method to get your signal around all that concrete. Even with a faster internet connection, your interference problems will still diminish your returns. What kind of connection speeds do you get standing next to the router?

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