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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Policar, Jan 5, 2012.

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    My old 802.11b router has poor range (I think, nothing to compare it with). We need to run a 50' ethernet cable to one computer that's out of range and just a few rooms away our macbook pros and PS3 won't receive a signal. We have thick walls, though.

    Are there any newer routers with much better range? I don't care about speed at all--my internet is not that fast. But I'd really like to improve range. Or should I daisy chain routers across the building? Thanks.
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    Well, ANY "N150 or 300" series, or even a "54G" series router would have considerably more range and better signal strength than your old "B" router............

    Not to mention much improved security, easier set-up and adaptability too :)

    I had a similar situation of not getting a good signal in some parts of the house with my old 54G router. So I got a N300+extreme router & now I can even go out to the deck on a completely opposite side of the house and ALWAYS get all 5 full bars on our lappys, iPad & Kindle......

    ps... fyi, I live in the center of a college town, with bunches of students, businesses, & dorms everywhere & no less than 38 other wireless networks to compete with at any given moment !
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    Use a standard router they've got better or switch to the home plug system
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