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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by happydudeca, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Here's the situation; I took my MBP to school and fired up COD2 (Mac) in multiplayer. I got a huge list of servers. I come home and do the same think and I don't get a single listed server. Running games in XP has the same result.

    This is probably a router problem. We have an Airlink 325 that has not been properly set up (see following) Because I'm in a rural area we have to run on a different type of ISP. The internet, high speed, runs off of a radio tower/receiver system. The website for my ISP states that it has many gaming clients and they have no complaints so it's probably not from their end. I have no idea if I have a modem. Yes, I know, that's stupid. There's a tower on top of the house picking up a signal from a radio tower. Having never been up there I can't say what gear is on the roof. A small cable is running down into the house (through the damn crawl space), where it branches off into a little 1/2" square type of black box that looks like a splitter. One end plugs into the wall, one end to the router. and one coming from the roof. I was not home at the time the internet was set up and as such I don't have a damn clue what was done. There might be some gear stuffed in between the floor boards but it's doubtful. Appears to be nothing but wire running under the house from the computer area up to the roof.

    I tried fooling around setting up the router with the installation disk using my Mac to no avail. I selected it to use a static ISP but that's all I could really change and even then I don't know what that did. There were some forwarding options but if I have to track down port codes for all my games then, well, ****. I plan to fire off an email to my ISP's tech support to see what they can do, but what are my options?

    I was thinking of picking up an airport extreme base station but if that's not going to solve anything than it's $200 down the tube.
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    As someone who has used a similar ISP, the box that connects to the antenna, then goes to your computer is the Modem (although in reality there is no modem, just a network transiever). More than likely it has to do with firewalls.

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    find the model number and manufacturer of your router/modem and look them up online, learn how to get into them using 192.168.?.? and then play around with configurations and keep looking online for people who have the same problem. try making your computer a "D.M.Z" ( de-militarized-zone. )

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