Routing iPhone calls to MacBook/iPad ?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by anush3, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Phone calls from MacBook/iPad:
    Ever since google introduced free calls (outgoing to US/Canada and incoming) from inside gmail, I have become fan of it and almost never use my phone when I am on my computer(I have Google voice number, so all calls come to computer as well as phone). It's the experience of talking on speaker phone and at the same time keep browsing as well. You can have long calls without holding phone next to ear. Also, since once you create gmail contacts all you need to do is just type couple of letter and google shows all matching contacts, so dialing is super easy on computer.

    So that explains how much I enjoy calls on my computer.
    Now, I guess it would be cool if iPhone calls could be routed to MacBook.
    That is, when iPhone and MacBook are on same wifi we can use macbook to make/receive calls that we would otherwise make on iPhone, and the calls would still go through iphone but we would be able to do right from computer (perhaps through an app on MacBook but would be nice if apple provides native integration).

    So all incoming calls to iphone ring on iphone (and as well iphone routs them to macbook) and on macbook too. and so can be picked from either one. all outgoing calls from macbook goes through iphone which places them as if they were dialed from iphone. I think Motorola Atrix does this once har wired to computer(webtop)...but would we so cool if we can get that on iphone.

    do you know any app that already does it, or expect that functionality in future from apple ? :cool:
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    Oct 27, 2010
  3. anush3 thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 27, 2010
    so finally, Apple noticed this after 3 years and provided it as part of continuity :D
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    You could do this on a Mac in 2004 or I think 2008. Right before the release of the first iPhone, Apple removed this feature. I use to make calls from my Mac through my phone. The problem back then was that most carriers blocked the connection. I loved it. If I was working on my computer, my screen would pop up the caller's id on my Powerbook screen. Everything was set up with a bluetooth connect.

    In the next OS update you will be able to do this (again). Now Apple doesn't have to worry about carriers blocking stuff.
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    Carriers only care about profit. So back than voice minutes were still profitable. Anything that cuts down on minutes used on cellular network was viewed as a threat. Now that everyone uses data and texts. Voice minutes are literally given away as "unlimited talk" simply because the average user is not using as many cellular minutes as they had in the past.

    So if Apple had tried to do ios8 routing of calls. Than carriers would have blocked the connection back in 2007.

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