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Apr 12, 2001

Rovio today announced plans to bring social Facebook game Angry Birds Friends to the iPad and the iPhone. Angry Birds Friends merges classic Angry Birds gameplay with Facebook-integrated social features like weekly tournaments and score sharing.

Pop some piggies with your friends wherever you are! Angry Birds Friends spruces up the classic Angry Birds experience with fun new social features that integrate with Facebook. For the first time ever the fans of Angry Birds can use their mobile to challenge their Facebook friends in weekly tournaments for the coveted bronze, silver and gold crown on the levels. Gather daily rewards, send and receive gifts of power-ups with your friends and brag about your accomplishments.
Angry Birds Friends first launched as a Facebook-only game in May of 2012 and has since garnered more than 60 million monthly installs with over 1.2 million daily users.

Rovio also reported its 2012 financial results this morning, revealing sales of $195 million with a net profit of $71 million. 45% of Rovio's revenue now comes from merchandising and the four major games that it released in 2012 boosted the company to 263 million active monthly users.

Though there is no specific launch date for the iOS version of Angry Birds Friends, The Next Web reports that it will launch in May.

Article Link: Rovio to Bring Facebook Game 'Angry Birds Friends' to iOS


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Aug 29, 2009
Beating a dead horse.. I mean bird.

Let this franchise die. Just changing the looks, but keeping the actual game the same is getting old.

I thought AB Space was a bit refreshing.

Rio, Seasons, and Star Wars? Not so much.


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Jul 28, 2006
Angry Birds needs to just be shot and dumped in a river already, holy ****, Rovio.


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Apr 5, 2012
Adrift in a sea of possibilities
Don't know what all the hate is about. Sequels and re-do's are always better for the franchise than having done nothing at all, right?

- The Phantom Menace
- Highlander 2
- Critters 4
- Return to the Blue Lagoon
- Airplane 2
- Meatballs 3
- Matrix Reloaded
- Matrix Revolution
- and many more!
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