Roxio preps Toast 9 with Blu-ray video & streaming support

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    Roxio will be announcing a new version of Toast Titanium, its CD/DVD creation tool for the Mac, later today. Toast 9 brings Blu-ray video to the table and also adds the ability to stream TiVo recordings and other video content to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Other changes in the new version of Toast include a revamped user interface that offers a larger, easier-to-read capacity meter, a new top-level tab dedicated to media format conversion and other niceties like QuickLook support in Toast’s media browser.

    For many users though the big news in Toast 9 is the Blu-ray support which means you can finally burn that AVCHD camera footage to an HD disc from your Mac. The Blu-ray video authoring comes via an HD/BD Plug-in, which will be available separately from Toast 9. The additional plugin in a free download through the end of March, after which it will set you back $20.

    Interestingly, Roxio has also included the ability to burn Blu-ray content to a standard DVD — obviously you won’t be able to fit a whole movie, but for smaller clips it offers a way to go high def without ponying up for Blu-ray media.

    Roxio has also extended the TiVo support in Toast with a new standalone app (shipping with Toast 9) by the name of Roxio Streamer. Combining Streamer with an app like TiVoToGo, Roxio promises complete “end-to-end recording and serving of TiVo DVR shows.” Roxio Streamer is basically a front-end to turn your Mac into a media streamer. You just add your video to Streamer’s queue and the software will convert it (if necessary) and send it to your iPhone through the Streamer web interface.

    There’s a number of other small changes we’re looking forward to as well — like the ability to pause disc burn operations and a new “audio fingerprinting technology” which promises to make it easier to identify music tracks (useful for those doing LP to MP3 conversions).

    So far Roxio hasn’t set a release date for Toast 9 though the company told us last week that it should ship by Friday March 14 at the latest. Once we get our hands on a copy we’ll be sure to let you know how well it all works.

    Toast 9 will set you back $100 plus $20 for HD/BD Plug-in (free through March 31, 2008). Existing users can buy an upgrade for $60.
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    It would be great to get Toast 9, which is a great program i bet that is very timely being introduced for Macs. Only problem is Apple is making it very hard to get hardware for this. Blu-Ray support is very minimal.

    Apple really is damned slow in coming with Blu-Ray drives on their macs.

    Mac Pro's should have it now, at the very least as an option.

    other desktop macs should get the Superdrive model which can read only BD-Rom's and movie.

    It would also be helpful if Apple would start using graphics cards that support HDCP on HDMI.

    Macbook pro should also get an hdmi port instead of DVI. then they can come with an adapter.

    Also Apple needs to come with monitors with built in speakers and dual HDMI inputs that are capable of receiving HDCP compliant movies/programming. so people can watch blu-ray movies on their macs.

    HDMI is the now!
    Blu-Ray is now!

    Apple stop being so darn slow. Apple TV is hdmi, it's time to truly go HD! not be a Faux HD supporting company!

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