Rsim to use a billing issue phone?

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    Hi all! I’m coming here to ask this question because I’ve been getting contradictory information elsewhere and I’m hoping that I can find someone impartial who knows the answer.

    Here’s the long story – I bought an iPhone on craigslist, which I have now learned isn’t really something you can do. I’ve been doing it for years, buying and selling, but apparently recently, just seeing the other user sign out of his iCloud account isn’t enough to be confident that the phone is legitimate and functional. So, the price was reasonable, not a “fell off the truck" bargain, so Price didn’t raise any red flags for me. After using the phone for two weeks, it stopped working on the network (cricket, which is an AT&T subsidiary), and I was informed by their technical support that the phone had been “blacklisted as stolen“.

    So, I attempted to get back in touch with the seller, with the knowledge that there was very little chance of that happening. That was proven correct, as I’ve gotten no response whatsoever from that avenue.

    I went on eBay and found that there are services that will unblock your phone if it has been blacklisted in that way. While I know this is sketchy, I don’t know what other option I have other than take the hit and call it a loss of many hundreds of dollars. So the phone was removed from the blacklist successfully, but now I find out that it also has an unpaid balance on AT&T.

    So now I’ve put together the entire purchase scenario – the seller obviously signed up for a new phone service on AT&T, most likely using fake financial information if I head to bet, which included a financed iPhone. Then he turned around and sold that iPhone pretty much immediately and disappeared into the mist.

    The eBay provider who removed the block from the phone says that if I buy an RSIM chip, that will solve my problem and I will be able to insert my normal cricket Sim card into the phone. While I’m already quite deep into this, I don’t want to get too much deeper so I’m trying to see how likely that is to be the case or if he is lying to me.

    What’s my best bet here? I understand that with the current situation on the phone, it’s probably usable on other networks around the world, and possibly even other networks in America. But not AT&T or cricket. I don’t particularly want to switch networks, so my easiest solution may just be to sell the phone with the caveat to the buyer that it is blocked on AT&T. But I’d rather not pawn my problem off on someone else, even if they are going into it with open eyes. So do I have a way forward that allows me to keep using AT&T? Or is my best option to switch to a different provider? Or something else I haven’t considered?

    Sorry for the lengthy post and thank you for any help.
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    Your good to buy an rsim and have it work. Similiar situation where I bought a brand new ATT xs max 512gb that was a day old and it wound up not being paid off fully (obviously) i popped the rsim in and did the settings and to my surprise it fully unlocked my phone. Cricket and att are the same company so you can use them without the rsim, just pop a sim in and your good to go. ATT has never blocked a phone due to non payment EVER. If you want to use a different carrier such as me do the rsim settings and put any sim in after that.. Just make sure you dont factory reset your phone or youll have to do the rsim again. Again.. if its not blacklisted any longer than you should be able to just put a cricket or att sim in and it work right away with no need for the rsim. Other companies though you will need to use the rsim since att will not willing unlock the phone until its paid off.

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