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Jun 30, 2011

Wondering if anyone can help me with RSS/News feed apps for OS X & iOS.

I used to love using Zite on my iPhone but Flipboard bought them, Flipboard is ok but I think I would prefer to have an app on my Mac as well as my iPhone & iPad that I can use to read news.

The thing I used to love about Zite was it would show you articles you love to read, plus you could also search for new topics directly in the app.

I have recently come across Reeder 3 for OS X & iOS and I've been looking into FeedBin as I'm under the impression that you need an online RSS service like FeedBin to work with Reeder. The only problem with FeedBin is that you cannot search for topics or feeds directly in FeedBin, you have to add a URL, not a big issue but I like to browse and even enter a topic to follow to potentially find new blogs with interesting articles.

Does anyone use any RSS readers and online services? What are your preferred and why?

Lastly what would be really awesome is, does anyone know of any apps like Zite that I can use on my Mac and iOS devices?

I look forward to hearing of your setups and how you read and browse your news from various different blogs/news site.



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Jan 23, 2005
Does anyone use any RSS readers and online services? What are your preferred and why?

I have everything in a Feedly account and read on OS X using ReadKit and on iOS I use Newsify. Both synced with Feedly.

The new Apple News app works pretty well as a Zite replacement.


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Oct 28, 2006
Chicago, IL
What RSS feeds do people subscribe too? I’ve noticed some of mine, like cbs sports and ESPN, you get very little info from the feeds. You are forced to click on the feed to get any of the story’s, which doesn’t work when I’m offline
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