rsync switches and permissions/external hard drive questions

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Hi, recently I've been getting into CLI and am liking it somewhat I'm learning some very fundamental things that are so critical to the long term safety and survival of my files.

    I commute to school and home with a usb drive. I have an encrypted disk image 90 percent the capacity of my usb drive in which I keep all my files. When the disk image is mounted I use rsync to sync/transfer my files with minimal wait time. I've been using the following example line

    rsync -a --progress --delete /Volumes/nameofdiskimageonmyflashdrive/ ~/Volume/nameofdirectoryonmycomputer
    recently I saw this line

    rsync [COLOR="Red"]-avvE[/COLOR] --progress --delete /Volumes/nameofdiskimageonmyflashdrive/ ~/Volume/nameofdirectoryonmycomputer
    I played with permissions settings in the Finder "Get Info" window on the topmost directory in which I keep all my files on my personal computer which I created in my home user directory. I also hit "Apply to enclosed items".

    I have also changed permissions on my external hard disk when I disabled the "Ignore ownership on this volume". In addition I changed permissions yet again via the Terminal because I felt like the "Get Info" method of changing permission was a fairly dinky way to do such an important operation.

    I discovered that the workstations at school have the default setting to ignore file permissions on external media. I am getting errors when I do rsync transfers now every time saying it could not transfer files either way be it with the -a or -avvE switches. I'm getting the impression that -avvE seems better because of verbose mode (is --progress even neccesary?) and the E is for preserving the Mac resourceforks.

    I'm also wondering if maybe my working with my files at school has messed up with the permissions and if rsync is having trouble with syncing files that are exactly the same except permissions. I've noticed frequently now speedup has been 1 which is terrible for rsync's capabilities. One thing to keep in mind also is that on my personal computer I'm using the latest rsync but at school I use the stock rsync that comes with leopard. I'd like someone to advise on what to do. So sure all this considering its no wonder my files are not completely borked. But well as a Unix beginner I'd like some guidance.
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    Can you post the exact errors you're getting?
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    Apr 24, 2009
    I have included a zip with txt output from the Terminal. I did three rsync transfers. The first was to my drobo very straightforward, the next two were to my wd pocket drive within a virtual disk image which is mounted. The second transfer was where the errors popped up, it occurred to me that maybe it was a permission thing so I did the exact same command the third transfer but with the addition of sudo and this time there were no errors. I suppose the terrible speedup ratio is from changed permissions or something.

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