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    This is driving me nuts. I am attempting to run a backup from my 2013 MacPro running Yosemite to a FreeNas box. I have tried AFP, CIFS and NFS shares. What is happening that rsync is not preserving the ownership after the files are copied. It just sets them to my username. I'm using rsync 3.0.9 with -ax.

    I can get it to work the NFS, but its really slow. I only get 30mbs transfer while the other shares get over 100mbs. I have set the share owner to the same username on the MacPro.

    Any ideas? Am I missing something?


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    To use rsync to another drive it should be formatted the same as OS X that you are backing up.

    You would be better using other built-in OS X read the blog post Configure OS X Time Machine to work with CIFS(SMB) share. Don't worry because it still works from the command line in 10.9 & 10.10.
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    ZFS for the file system on the NAS? If so you may want to look at the last post in this link. There is also earlier post in the thread about rsync in osx not supporting the extended attributes so you may have to rsync from the nas box logged into it by ssh.
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    Yes, I am using ZFS on FreeNAS. I am running it on an HP N34L micro server.

    Based on your tips (thanks!) I did some more digging and came to the conclusion that the best way to do it would be to create a sparse bundle on the remote share and rsync to that. It takes a small performance hit, but it seems to work as long as I mount the sparse bundle using "-owners on" with hdiutil.

    I'm putting together a simple script now that will mount the sparse bundle, run the backup, do some housekeeping, and then unmount it.

    Using sparse bundles will make is easy for me to move the backups if I ever have to.

    Again, thanks for the help!


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