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    Hey guys,

    I use text edit as my primary writing tool, fast and easy and no distractions. However that means that the majority of my files are in .rtf format, and not readable using my iPad very easily... (dropbox, good reader, docs to go... Seems like .rtf is dead?)

    so... Seems like my best option is to convert all of my .rtf files into .txt files and have .txt setup as my default save...

    Main question: how to batch convert all of my .rtf files to .txt files?


  2. mrapplegate, Aug 7, 2011
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    You can use automator, My posted example did not work, so I removed it :D
    I'm sure you can use it though.

    Scratches head, I thought this would be easier. Sorry, I can't see an easy way in Automator.
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    Try this hint.

    The command still is in Lion even though the hint says 10.4

    That would be:

    textutil -convert fmt filename -output path/to/newfile.fmt

    So let's say you have a document named "MySource" in a RTF format (in your current directory) and you want to save the result as a file named "Result" in a TXT format (in your Documents directory), you would do the following:

    textutil -convert txt MySource.rtf -output ~/Documents/Result.txt
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    Try this Automator workflow.

    - double click to open
    - drop files in the top box "get specified finder items"
    - in the second box 'add text to finder item names' choose 'replace text' in the dropdown
    - type rtf
    - select 'extension only' in dropdown
    - type 'txt' in replace box
    - click 'run' button in top right hand corner

    When you quit the workflow choose 'do not save'.

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