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    Hey All,

    so I am currently in a networking course and we just got our first assignment. I talked to my professor before the assignment was released and asked if I could do the assignment in Objective-C and make the app on my Mac. He said okay (he doesn't know anything about Objective-C, Cocoa, or even Macs - he's all Windows, all the way) so ignore the part about it needing to be done in Windows Form application.

    Assignment Introduction:
    In this assignment you will implement a streaming video server and client that communicate using the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and send data using the Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP). Your task is to develop Windows Form application which implements the RTSP protocol in the client and implement the RTP packetization in the server.

    The video files we are dealing with are MJPEG files and as I understand the assignment, we are to decode the file in the server app and encapsulate each picture from the file with RTP packet headers to send using UDP to the client app that will then strip the headers and use the data to display the video. We are also to implement play/ pause using RTSP over TCP. Connections are all done through sockets.

    Here's what I know:
    -> I can do sockets on the Mac
    -> I can only open the MJPEG files in VLC, not quicktime (meaning I can't use QTkit) - however, since the packets are simply pictures, I was thinking of just having a view and loading in the pictures based on a timer, as a sort of home-made video player for the files.

    Here's what I don't know:
    -> Can I do RTSP and RTP in Objective-C/ Cocoa? I haven't been able to find information in the developer site, or online. Apple has the HTTP streaming guide, but my professor wants this done using RTP and RTSP.
    -> Is there a way to decode the MJPEG file to get the individual pictures? (I've never heard of MJPEG before this assignment)

    Basically, I would like to know if this is a feasible assignment to complete on my Mac or if I should just work on learning C# to do it in Windows Forms? I would prefer spending my time learning new stuff to get it done on the Mac, but if it is going to be near impossible to get working properly, I also don't want to run out of time trying to get it to work and have to hack something together for Windows at the very end.

    Any advice?
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    RTSP Client for iPhone

    I would like to integrate a realtime mjpg video stream in my app, so did you finish your assignment? And do you have any advice or code examples?

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