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    For the past couple of weeks I have gotten my feet wet with MacRuby for OSX. I have found it quite easy to get a hold of compared to Obj-C and rather like the more simplistic syntax (and have gotten some silly programs working without following a tutorial!). My main goal is to develop some apps for iOS and thought RubyMotion could be a solution. RubyMotion, from what I have read, is a layer on top of Obj-C so it compiles into a standard iOS app, compared to something like PhoneGap, right?

    Are apps still made and designed Xcode? Is it as simple and straight forward as MacRuby for OSX? Overall pros/cons.

    Does anyone have experience with RubyMotion that could provide some insight before I lay down $200 + $99 for a developer account?

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    I think nearly all apps are made still in Xcode, the ones that are made in stuff like Phonegap etc, mostly don't make front pages, because of the lack of quality/performance (I programmed in Adobe AIR, and was so seriously sick of the performance issues).
    So yes, Xcode is in my opinion still the way to go, you won't be able to cross compile to Android but meh, who wants that anyways.
    I don't know much about MacRuby, but if you don't feel confident learning Obj-C, then there's not much to say about it, you have your mind set on MacRuby, so give it a go?

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