iPhone X Rugged iPhone someday soon?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SemperMac, Apr 20, 2019.

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    You guys (gals) think there might one day (nearer future) be a rugged iPhone (comparable maybe to the one I’m linking to below) as well in the line-up (preferably, if so, with low SAR-levels)?


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    You will see improvements in what's already there, but a 'rugged' iPhone, especially one advertised as such, goes against Apple's design philosophy.

    In fact if you step back and take a look at Apple's other products you'll see that if anything they are aiming towards a more upscale market. That market is probably not interested in 'rugged' phones.

    But as I said, you can expect improvements in the Gorilla glass that's already there, the saphire covering over the lens and better water proofing.
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    I don’t think so and it’s a shame.

    In many ways the form factor of the iPhone is just marketing to get you to buy the product.

    Most people will only see the iPhone as designed for a few minutes when they unbox the phone just before they put a case on it.

    Then apple leaves it to the user - do you want a thin and light case that provides scratch protection and nothing else? Or do you want to swaddle it on heavy armour? Or something in between (like most people will do)?

    I can see apple making the iPhone even more waterproof so that you could take it scuba diving. But I think it’ll always be something that’s very delicate.

    I see it more like an expensive camera (of old). Yes you could use your Leica without a case. But you’re going to put it in a case and it’s never coming out of that case.
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    It will never happen, Apple is all about the image and desire. The rugged design is the antithesis of that.

    We can see what a failure the "RED Hydrogen One" phone is. https://www.gsmarena.com/_red_hydrogen_one-9396.php
    They have a built in rugged design, but it's really ugly, makes more sense to build a rugged case for the phone.

    The best (reasonably priced) offering for rugged phones right now is probably the Samsung Active line.
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    The iPhone itself is 'rugged' enough to deal with everyday use. People use cases because they want peace of mind and a sense that their device is 'protected' from accidents (drops, falls, etc).

    I find that just having SA (situational awareness) about my phone is my best protection. I know where it is in space at all times and adjust my movements accordingly. I take protective actions, such as placing it only on clean surfaces or putting something under it. I don't toss it around, etc.

    That's something extreme that most case users don't want to bother with. It's easier just to be minimally aware and careful while allowing the case to deal with any lapses in judgment or thinking. Some case users though are very, very careful, beyond even the steps I take to protect my phone. Yet sometimes even they end up with a scratched phone because dust or grit got into the case.

    It's a matter of choice and personality. But yes, most people will see the design only once - right before they slap a case on it.
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    One of many reasons I never have, and never will, use a case.

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