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    Rules for the Buying Tips and Advice forum

    Suitable topics for this forum include
    • What to buy when you are considering your choices.
    • Whether to buy now or wait. Purchasing timing.
    • What's in stock or out of stock.
    • Delivery times and shipping.
    • Comparison shopping. Price-matching offers. Negotiating tips.
    If you are planning Apple hardware purchases see the Buyer's Guide.

    Recommending sites with good deals - sometimes permitted

    You can post about where to buy or sell or about current deals if it's clear to others that you are not making such posts for your own benefit. An established forum member who occasionally recommends a deal is not a problem. Advertising and posts with affiliate links are not permitted. A newbie who seems to have joined MacRumors to post links to a site or business will not be given the benefit of the doubt.

    Offers to buy/sell/trade - not permitted

    Threads that involve offers to buy, sell or trade hardware, software, or other items must be in the Marketplace forum, which is open only to established members. See the Marketplace Rules.

    You cannot start buy/sell/trade threads here in the Buying Tips and Advice forum and you cannot make offers to buy/sell/trade in threads started here by others. This is for the protection of all users. The reason: There's a high risk of scams or deals that fall through when one or both parties aren't eligible for the Marketplace forum, i.e., haven't participated in the forums as much as more established users. You must wait until you are eligible to make deals at MacRumors. We recommend that you ignore offers of deals that you get by Private Message based on pricing advice threads.

    Asking for price advice for buying or selling - permitted

    Here in the Buying Tips and Advice forum you can ask for advice on setting a price to sell an item, ask what your items are worth, or ask how much to expect to pay for an item. However, you must do one of the following:
    1. Use the Price Advice thread prefix, which tells other users that you are not trying to make a deal with them, only to get advice on value.

    2. Explain in your thread that you are not looking to make a deal at MacRumors.
    If you do neither of these, the moderators are likely to post a notice in your thread to remind you and others that offers are not permitted.

    Thank you for your cooperation! If you have questions about what's permitted in this forum, contact the moderators or administrators and ask ahead of time.
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