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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Patriot24, Oct 10, 2011.

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    I was debating whether or not to even post this here because I know how people react to these kinds of posts, but I think it is interesting enough and probably isn't anything too far out (I think we all expected this, at least).

    According to a friend of a friend(*) that was testing 4G iPhone prototypes for one of the major carriers (I'd rather not say which) a few months back, things did not go well. Apparently the 4G chipset was "completely frying the circuit board and battery". This person also claimed that the phone they were testing it in was "thicker than current iPhone" chasis, presumably for testing and secrecy purposes.

    It isn't really clear at all if this was testing for a 4s, 5, or some other future model.

    *Take it as you will. It is a friend of a friend situation, so I am not claiming that this is 100% legit or anything. I'm not the type of person to fabricate rumors, although I suppose that is what people that fabricate rumors say, hah.
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    As awesome as I think it would be to have a 4G iPhone, I strongly doubt the source of your information solely because nobody would be "testing 4G iPhone prototypes" if the prototypes were at such an early stage as literally frying the circuits.
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    No sh**, the LTE low power/consumption chips won't be on the market till Q2 of next year. It didn't take a friend's mom's ex-boyfriend's angel to figure this one out.
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    Done and done.

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