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May 1, 2011
Denver, CO
I think that the iWatch, or whatever it will be called, should it actually materialize, will be a bit of a watershed moment for Apple. Because I think it will be massively ignored. And this would be a bit of a first for Apple, or for Apple Ascendent, which they have been since rising from the ashes couple of decades ago. Given the ubiquity of smartphones, wearing a watch these days seems to be a bit redundant, and even quaint. I no longer wear a watch, and I know that many others do not, either. Your phone is with you everywhere, how many different ways do you need to tell the time? As for the health monitors, I believe that the interest in these things can be addressed via the smartphone, if they are not already. And that the interest in these facilities if much-overestimated. Once again, I'm not convinced that this device is actually about to appear, at least under the Apple Manqué. It just makes absolutely no sense. Consider: one aspect of the smartphone revolution (iPhone and others) is that, for many of us, it has rendered the wristwatch obsolete, except as jewelry.

This subject strikes me as one of the few times in recent memory that the oft-recited homily "this would not have happened under Steve's watch" or whatever variant one chooses, is apt. I honestly believe that this nonsense would not have ever gained traction if Steve Jobs were running things, and more than anything else (except maybe for the "new, low-priced iMac" travesty) is representative of the way Apple is going (that and Beats, lord help us) under the stewardship of Tim Cook who, for whatever else he may be, is not a visionary, i.e. exceptional, different, crazy, maddening, mean, whatever, as was his predecessor, for better or worse.

I'm not trying to offend anyone, and I'm not trying to beatify Steve Jobs. Just making an observation upon which others may wish to comment, or not.

Have a nice day, and keep waiting for that new Mac mini. Dragons exist, really.


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Sep 6, 2002
I no longer wear a watch, and I know that many others do not, either.
Times change. There was a period when you didn't carry a cell phone. If a wrist-worn computer serves a useful purpose, people will wear them. It's that simple.

Jimmy James

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Oct 26, 2008
Not so long ago lack of adoption was the case for smartphones...until they became good enough.

I was a smartphone enthusiast (for lack of a better word) more than 10 years ago an I knew they sucked. When the iPhone was introduced I recognized that the implementation for mass market adoption was here.

If they are clever enough I think the smart watch could become a category that will make us say "how did we ever live without that?"


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Oct 25, 2014
I agree, rumors have been pointing to an October launch. If they have an event in September (maybe the same day as the iPhone 6) they wouldn't have to account for it in next quarters guidance.
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