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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by waddington01274, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Oct 9, 2012
    How would i be able to install and run Final Cut Studio 3 on MacOS 10.12 Sierra & MacOS 10.13 High Sierra and MacOS 10.14 Mojave going forward even though this software is no longer supported by Apple? It has been since been replaced by Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor in July 2011.

    What is the procedures i have to follow so i can run this Final Cut Studio version 3 (System Preferences etc)?

    (Final Cut Pro 7 – "real-time editing for DV, SD and HD”) (Motion 4 - "real-time motion graphics design”) (Soundtrack Pro 3 - "advanced audio editing and sound design”) (DVD Studio Pro 4 - encoding, authoring and burning.) (Color 1.5 - a new color grading application adapted from Silicon Color's FinalTouch.) (Compressor 3.5 - a video encoding tool for outputting projects in different formats.) (Cinema Tools 4.5 - tools specific to film processing.) (Qmaster 3 - a distributed processing tool.)

    I intend to do my projects using Mac Pro (Late 2013) With the following configuration:

    Model number A1481
    Model identifier MacPro6,1
    Processor 3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5
    Memory 64 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC
    Graphics AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB
    Connectivity - AirPort Extreme 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (up to 1.3 Gbit/s), 2× Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0
    Peripherals - 4 x USB 3.0, Built-in mono speaker, 6 x Thunderbolt 2, Audio output/optical digital audio output, Headphone mini-jack
    Video out - HDMI 1.4 and Thunderbolt 2

    I want to use Ultrastudio 3D for capture and playback feature film quality SDI, HDMI and analog video via Thunderbolt, and use a Lacie Little Big Disk 1TB SSD as a scratch disk, and Apple Thunderbolt Display (2560 x 1440) as a monitor, and Edirol MA-15D Digital Stereo Micro Monitor as well as Fostex PMO.5 - Sub MKII for sound audio.

    I await advice before i proceed any further

    Kind Regards
  2. sevoneone, Apr 29, 2019
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    May 16, 2010
    Final Cut Studio 3 will install and run on macOS up to Sierra (10.12). 10.13 and 10.14 are a no go.

    If you are looking for a modern NLE that is more traditional than FCPX, I'd recommend DaVinci Resolve. The basic version is free and the latest versions have a lot of optimizations for OpenCL and Metal so performance is pretty impressive on any Mac with a Metal capable GPU.
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    Apr 23, 2010
    A friend who edits primarily in Adobe PP also had FCP7 installed. It stopped working at 10.13. We recently upgraded a mutual friends 5,1 MP to 10.12.6 - the latest he can go because he is not interested in anything other than FCP7.

    The specs on your 6,1 MP seem very reasonable. I agree with @sevoneone above - consider DaVinci Resolve. It has a traditional track approach to editing. But it is still very different - there will be a steep learning curve. Consider Ripple Training or similar to get up to speed.
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    I stuck with the legacy version of Final Cut Pro until just a few years ago but finally upgraded to Final Cut Pro X. I still have a lot of old projects that I don't want to convert and don't need very often. So, I have have my 2012 quad Mini setup to boot into MacOSX 10.8.5 when needed. The old version of FCP runs fine under this operating system (although it crashes more often than I like).

    Why don't you just do the same thing? You could get an external SSD and install 10.8.5 (or any other old version of MacOSX) and just boot into it when you need your old copy of Final Cut Pro. I don't think it's worth sticking with the old version for new projects, it's not as stable as it should be, it can only use 4gb (?) of RAM and it runs slower than Final Cut Pro X.

    As far as doing a new install of the old software, that may be difficult. I moved an existing installation to MacOS 10.8.5 with the Migration Assistant. My copy still runs under Sierra, but I haven't really used it that way.
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    Jun 11, 2013
    Create a second partition on your boot drive and install 10.12 as it is the last osx version that allows FCS3 to run. Or try 10.9 as it was the OS that mac pro shipped with, so you can eliminate any bugs due to incompatibility with the later versions. But if you are starting your career now, steer away from FCS3, that code is 20 years old and its incredibly slow and incompatible with modern formats. You will be able to unlock your computer's maximum potential with the modern 64 bit NLEs like FCPX or Resolve as they use all the available hardware. FCS3 it's 32bit and just uses a fraction of the CPU, none of the Computational power of the GPUs just 4GBs of ram and might not work with any relative modern peripherals as manufacturers don't really support software that was last updated 10 years ago. As for capturing from ULTRASTUDIO, download Desktop Video 11.1 from Blackmagic support and that includes Media express for capturing from your device.

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