Runcore SSD & RevC MBA problems

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by agaskew, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Dec 3, 2009

    Had a bit of a nightmare last week - any help/suggestions very welcome!

    I recently bought the 64Gb Runcore SSD for my Rev C MBA.
    I managed to clone the old HDD OK and fit the SSD without too much hassle.
    The MBA ran like lightning for a couple of hours and all was well.

    I went out, came back home a little while later and the MBA was hung - just showing the Lion log in screen and spinning beachball. There was no response to any clicking or keyboard presses. I have seen Lion do this prior to fitting the SSD though. The only thing I could do was a hard reset :(

    After that, the machine would not boot and I just got the white screen of death - note no flashing-folder-with-a-question-mark, nothing.

    I put the old HDD back in and guess what - still would not boot as it would not detect the old drive. This time I did at least get the flashing-folder-with-a-question-mark. The old HDD LIF connector was so loose and frankly crappy, that it may just have been too loose.
    The Runcore SSD LIF connection is 100 times more secure.

    So, I also tried to mount both the SSD and the old HDD via USB on a friend's Macbook, using the Runcore external interface card. Neither would mount, although I could see the little green light on the card flash on then off.

    Finally, if I hold down the option key on the MBA upon startup, I do get the option to boot off the network.

    I suspected the SSD was hosed at this point. Maybe the HDD too, but it could be that darn LIF connector.

    My Questions:
    1. If I get the option of network booting, does that mean that (aside from detecting no valid internal boot device) the MBA is OK?
    2. Anyone else getting Lion hangs?
    3. Worth a shot with a new SSD plus fresh OS install?

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