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    Hello , I am really into the mac laptops specially the 13 inch 2.9GHz Macbook Pro , the only thing holds me back to window is one of my apps that i use that there is no alternative things on mac , its the instaget bot , it works like an portable app ; I mean you dont have to install it .

    here is a pic

    would it work with the Wine/Wine Bottler or anything works in the same way ( I dont want to use the bootcamp or something enquires me to get a windows and having two os ) ? and if there was someone would test that for me i would aprreiciate that so much :eek:
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    thank u , well as u can see the instaget its not an offical app so thats why i asked i want to know if its going to be working or not

    and as i said i dont want to have windows licenese so am looking for Wine/Wine Bottler that would it be running or not , if someone wanted to help i could send him a link :eek:
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    All the above is correct except I'd like to point out the "wine" and "crossover" are the same thing. Wine is offered free of charge and comes with no support and no installer. Crossover is the same but with both of those features added.

    So get Wine, try your software on it. You might get lucky.

    There is one other option that does not require running Windows on the Mac. It stretches the idea some. Run it on some Windows PC and use VNC to remotely access the PC's desktop and bring the program to your Mac's screen. I know this is not what you asked or but might work for you if there is a PC some place on a network you can get to.

    Finally you can move theWindows rom whatever you are using now. Then on the PC with no OS, put Linux Ubuntu on it. Or make a file server using FreeNAS.

    It is just luck it any given .exe file can run on Wine/Crossover. If you have access to the source code you can fix the program so it WILL run on Wine few Windows PC programs are Open Sourced.
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    That's almost entirely correct. But Crossover runs a dated Wine version as its back end. Right now I believe that Crossover runs on a July version of Wine while Wine "developer" version has gotten amazing bi weekly updates since that. And Especially in the Mac OS X department. The newest developer build of Wine is almost always very very stable, and most people recommend going with that over the "stable" build, because in practice since Wine developer build is in such a rapid development, more apps run better.

    To get Wine, there are several "bottlers" for OS X. These make "bottles" or OS X style .app applications that house one and one Windows program. My favorite is Wineskin because it is so well supported and often updated.

    Another method is to install Wine directly into the operating system, though there is no n00b friendly version to do this on Mavericks. If you run Mountain Lion or earlier you can install Wine using Homebrew or MacPorts. This is not the recommended method to use, though if configured properly it can be the sleekest. I don't know if this happens by default now, but you can configure Wine installed this way to just open your exe files as though you were on windows.
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    thank you guys very much , so over all I am supposed to be able to run most of the exe files on mac ?

    ^ I had just uploaded the app so if someone could test that for me i would really appreciate it :eek: .

    i looked for other couple of apps it supposed to be ran on mac and other i could find an alternative apps , and as i said i still didnt got the macbook pro yet , just wanna make sure that everything i need would work on it without windows license
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    I've removed the link as we can't be sure of the application and/or there may be licensing violations. Please don't post mediafire links to applications.
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    I am trying to download wine bottler on my macbook but safari gives an error that "this link is banned". Help required...

    Running Mavericks on my 2013 Macbook Air

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