Running Photoshop on Multiple Computers with 1 License

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jmpmntwnty3, Jan 21, 2010.

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    I'm thinking about purchasing Photoshop CS4 (student version) but I have 2 computers I use primarily. My Macbook Pro and my Mac Pro. Can I install the software on both computers and use them without any problems?

    I remember talking to someone on apple store chat and the rep told me that it's possible to INSTALL the program on multiple computers but you can't run them at the same time.

    So for instance if I'm using CS4 on my Mac Pro, I would have to close out all of my stuff and close the entire program before I could turn around and use it on my Macbook Pro. Is true?
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    Not sure about the student version: it may well have a different license, but with the normal version you can install it on one desktop and one laptop as long as they are for use by a single person (so only using one at once). You get two activations: if you want to move one to another machine you have to deactivate it first.
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    The license allows you to run it on one desktop and one laptop provided you own both and won't be running it at the same time.

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